PayPal Coming to Kenya in 2012?

Rumor has it that you will soon be able to withdraw your PayPal funds in Kenya legally and easily.

This could not have come at a better time since we spent last year going from disappointment to disappointment with all the new services and “tricks” that we had to try out in order to withdraw our PayPal money in Kenya.

That will be no more. PayPal is currently working with two leading Kenyan banks in an effort to bring us this needed service very soon.

We’ll update this when we have more information.

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  1. Vipi Kelvin.
    This is great news.I am eager for more info.Thank you:)

  2. Something interesting happened. I made an online purchase using my KCB general purpose debit card which is linked to my Kenyan Paypal account. I was unhappy with the product and asked the merchant for a refund, which I got. I was expecting that the money will be ‘stuck’ in my paypal account but that was no problem since I was going to make another online purchase that would use this money. I was therefore surprised when I got an email from paypal informing me that the cash has been refunded to ‘go to the card you paid with’. I checked my balance on the ATM and the money was there! – though slightly eroded obviously by the strengthening of the shilling. Could this be it?

    • Wow, that’s very interesting! It could very well be it!

      • NO, not really. Same happened to me and I asked PayPal to consider Kenya since a refund is working. the reply was non committal but said we keep checking if there are any changes. Changes will come but after serious lobbying – banks, governments and PayPal. Remember Kenya made it to Countries that can receive through a US based bank category after the innovative Mpesa technology. That was a great price to pay. The unsubstantiated claim is that – allowing many access to PayPal is exposing America’s economy (Paypal home country) to international competition especially after proving that America has the highest online spenders globally. Opening PayPal to all especially hardworking Kenyans and Nigerians will siphon money from the USA. Keep in mind that also MAKING GOOD SALES ONLINE (fast growth) might lead to automatic suspension of your account “pending investigations” for at least 6 months. Reason: Security reasons – read protecting the USA economy. We will one day reach the coveted category of accessing PayPal cash in Kenya but not anytime soon. Maybe 2015.

  3. This sounds amazin. Kelvin do make sure to update us on any new regardin this!

    • This could be Kenya’s new year long awaited gift. Let us hope for the best although I know the delay in Paypal withdrawals in Kenyan banks has largely been attributed to the Kenyan legislation, specifically in regards to money laundering. We pray our legislators can rise to the occasion this time around!!!

    • I know a cheaper way of withdrawing pay pal money.

  4. Kevin I hope the source of the rumor is reliable that could be the best thing to happen this year (crossing fingers). Maria did you try to find out from your bank how that happened now I am thinking maybe we can its just that we don’t know yet or they are testing and I am a willing guinea pig ggrrrr!

    • The source is VERY reliable, though I was told not to name any official sources hence the label “rumors”. 🙂

    • I checked my ATM balance today….. a public holiday. But i’ll definitely find out from KCB.

      • Okay Kevin, just know you will be lynched on behalf of the reliable source if next year I will be here asking about PayPal :-P. Please do Maria and give us updates when you find out, truly appreciate. 🙂

  5. Anything new or the ETA?

  6. I know a cheaper way of withdrawing pay pal money in Kenya.

  7. Maria,
    The refund to your card is normal with paypal. When you add a card to your account they charge US$ 1 and then refund it back. This is just for confirmation of your card. The same is true for purchases and refunds. Here is the paypal page we need to monitor

    When the Kenyan flag goes to the section Send, Receive and Withdraw to a local Bank or US Bank or Card then we should know we are there. I hope this happens very fast.

    • Lol, Hardy that’s jus’ sooo funny. I remember I also did that confirmation transaction with my KCB general purpose card. Hadn’t thought that would have been the refund maria probably got, lol! Anway, I do some kind of sports trading online and they still don’t accept you to deposit or withdraw with paypal from Kenya.


      Jaya… hope its gonna work out soon :((((((((((

      • Hello Sam,
        The refund maria got is not the same as a refund for confirmation. I mean the process is the same. Paypal is ready is to do the transactions but the local banks have to get approval from CCK and Central Bank. Let us wait. Hopeful soon it will happen. The other alternative is for Mpesa to partner with Visa and Mastercard. to be able to offer such services. Right now you can top up your KCB Visa card through Mpesa. I & M Bank has an online payment system similar to paypal but they are not taking advantage of the masses. They charge registration fees and high monthly charges. Whether you have a transaction or not you will have to pay. All this will change when paypal comes in the picture. I & M Bank has the advantage now only if they have favorable conditions.

  8. I am soooo praying paypal launches in Kenya this year! nashuku the several methods hence my mega reluctance to use them! sooo crossing my fingers!

  9. paypal in Kenya? give me a break. our reputation of money laundering can’t allow

  10. Valerie says:

    Following this post…..VERY CLOSELY!

  11. Hi i think the PayPal just need to join the mobile money in Kenya to serve Kenyans in a better way all those things are unworkable i think if you need to withdraw you need to deposit like your buying some products to your friend at interest rate the your give you the cash for those who are interested find me interest rate undisclosed


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