The Best Internet Marketing Techniques

Have you ever wondered which forms of online marketing produce the best results?

Here’s a case study on what works as far as Internet marketing is concerned.

More and more the internet is becoming a primary marketing tool for many businesses, and those who have not yet taken the plunge are starting to get left behind. Most businesses accept the fact that without an online presence it’s hard to stay afloat, but with all the choices out there it’s easy to end up treading water, and instead of gaining more customers you can end up drowning in Tweets and Facebook posts that never seem to produce results.

To help those just getting their toes wet in the online ocean, we’ve put together a case study that shows you exactly what works and what doesn’t work when promoting your business online. The study below follows a start-up summer camp through their first year of business. The camp has four different camp specialties, each with it’s own website: Windsurfing, Photography, Climbing and Outdoor Adventure. The camp has a fifth website to act as a landing page. Over the course of 6 months they tried different marketing techniques, spending similar amounts of capital on each option.”

The best

  1. Blogging
  2. Online directories
  3. Google Ads

The Worst

  1. Spam email
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Deal Sites (Groupon, Rupu and co.)

Does this tally with your own experiences? What do you think?

Read the full Case Study

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  1. True. Just a simple free listing in brought me a lot of customers.

  2. Josam Mwasusu says:

    Kevo, big ups. I really enjoy reading your articles

  3. Interesting piece, did not think as many Kenyans do this internet marketing thing, read this article about a community of people who’ve created a new concept on learning affiliate marketing,

  4. Blogging can take many businesses to greater heights of success.Of course it is, in most cases, a slow process to profitability but business owners should learn to acknowledge the advantages of taking the first step and staying on the path of creating more awareness, engaging with their customers, earning trust and making their relationship stronger.

  5. Thanks Jan for the business listing. I was actually trying to find some online directories in Kenya to list my site. Some sites make it so hard for an individual to register by asking for too many unncessary details, it is not worth the trouble.

    Steve, that’s a great link you have provided, will definitely look into it as I am starting to get interested in affiliate marketing.

    Based on my experience, you will get approximately 1 response for every 100 Spam emails you send out but I think the response can be worth it as you can get a pretty good deal from someone who needed your services/products and didn’t know where to find them. Haven’t had any luck with LinkedIn yet.

  6. im just worried what happend to this like chapaa? Do you guys plan to shut down the blog?

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