How to Withdraw Money From PayPal in Kenya

Update: PayMPESA Helps Withdraw Your PayPal Funds to MPESA

Update 20 May 2011: It has been reported that is a scam. Proceed at your own risk.

Some time last year PayPal did us a favour and made it possible to maintain a PayPal balance with a “Kenyan” PayPal account. This meant that we could finally receive money via PayPal in Kenya. However, withdrawing that money turned out to be a whole other story. Why? Because PayPal has no relationship (currently) with local banks. They need this in order to allow “Kenyan” PayPal accounts the ability to withdraw to a local, Kenyan, bank account. In plain English, this means that you can have money in PayPal but you cannot take it out.

The only way to take it out – and this is what PayPal themselves recommend – is to withdraw to a US bank account. Unfortunately, not many Kenyans have one so this is a very real and very serious problem when it comes to dealing with PayPal from Kenya.

Fortunately, there is another way.

Liberty Reserve
Liberty Reserve is a digital currency and online payment system with similarity to Paypal, E-Gold, Pecunix, E-Bullion and other E-Currency services. You can send or receive money to or from anyone in the world.

How do you use it to get money from your PayPal account? It is simple, actually. This is what you need to do:

  1. Create an account at LibertyReserve. It is free.
  2. Once your account is up, then you need to move your money from PayPal into your new LibertyReserve account. The different ways of doing this are listed here. At this moment in time, the one that will accept money from PayPal is this:
  3. Once the money is in your LibertyReserve account, you can withdraw it in a lot of different ways. You can, for instance withdraw straight to your bank account, via Western Union, AlertPay etc.

Please note that getting money into or out of LibertyReserve is done via the third parties listed here.

Easy enough? I have not tested this method (will be doing so shortly) so if anyone can quickly vouch for it wqe would all be happy.

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  1. Great help 🙂

  2. Magnificent site. Plenty of useful info here. I am sending it to a few friends and also sharing on delicious. Thanks for your effort and the information

  3. Thanks Kevin for sharing this with us. At least you have identified one legit way to withdraw cash from PayPal since the others are considered money laundering. Keep up the good work. 🙂


  4. Has anyone tried this?

  5. Does anyone have an idea that you can use 2CO (2checkout) as a payment method together with Ipay ( and get your cash either in your account or in your mobile?

    Recieve via 2co and withdraw via ipay

  6. yeronly says:

    I am still waiting for a way one can withdraw money from Paypal account to either a local bank account (wire transfer) or to a card that supports ATM withdraws in Kenya (e.g. Payoneer). Until such is the case, then I still am of the opinion that one cannot “withdraw” ones Paypal balance in kenya. All other methods I have read, being vouched for here, are more complicated or expensive than the “traditional” approach of sending amounts in ones paypal account to a friend in a country where Paypal permits withdraws, then requesting such persons to send one the amounts through a channel one can access the funds.

    • not many people have a friend in a country

      the idea floated in this blog is wonderful since it gives you more control of the process

      • If only the idea was workable, it would be quite brilliant. If you read the update, there on top of the article, you notice that some suggestions have become obsolete (e.g. I am quite averse to losing my hard-earned cash. There’s a way you could transfer paypal amount to M-Pesa, i.e. epay-kenya, but they are expensive (their fees are quite high) and their exchange rate is usually lower than the prevailing rate in the market. However, atleast they (ePay), process your payments.

  7. is just a scam! Be careful in your dealings.
    Stick to using friends in US or open a US bank account.

    • Do you have proof of this? No offence intended, just trying to be thorough.

    • is a scam, a blogger shouldn’t fall for that. Check the security certificates. And to everyone reading this post, anywhere you are asked to give your money details please check the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) autentication e.g. the URL should start with https:// and NOt http://.

      Well https:// – and note the s after the ‘p’ means that the domain name or URL has been authenticated. Also this is also a scam, they aren’t verified and secured. They only have a fake SSL certification image. And besides you don’t expect to have Google ads on a payment website or merchant operator payment account.

      So people don’t get scammed. Use your US friends, family and they send you the money through Western Union. Eventually, one year won’t end before PayPal opens up its arms to Kenyan banks.

      • most of us don’t have US friends, family
        you can not call that a solution that is just luck

      • Well, I believe the reputation of a website supersedes the https:// protocol. You can have a professional scammer who can afford to buy the most expensive/secure SSL certificate off the net. Yes, the data you provide to the site will be protected but this does not protect you from a scammer. Reputation of a site by finding out what others are saying about it is key, so as you checkout for the HTTPS, remember this will not capture integrity. Do your research before trusting. I have been using epay-kenya for the last two years now and I think they are more professional than scammers. Use any search engine to find out more about them. I bet you will not come across any person(s) complaining of having been scammed. Yes scammers are many out there and you’ve got to be careful but then it is also important to give credit where it is due.

  8. search: exeauto scam
    Majority of the feedback claims this site is just a scam. However, there is a minority of replies stating the site is legit. But the downside is that these replies are from India. No offense but these guys are known to be good at scamming people. Am guessing the real owners of this site may be from India and if so, paypal is weary of these guys hence getting your a/c frozen won’t take long.

    You may want to use forex trading as a way to chuck the chums from paypal but be careful and read all the terms and conditions before registering. Cheerz

  9. I believe is a scam! I tried using them and I have since not yet had funds deposited into my liberty reserve account.

    • Always check https:// and not http:// on any website that requires you to send them money.

      https:// means secure

      http:// means bad deal – especially in any merchant accounts.

  10. complexity breeds fraud…


  12. The best way is to buy MPESA Credits using your paypal from you will have to wait 5 days for them to deliver your MPESA Credit, worth the wait after all the hustle… hope this helps…

  13. am smelling a rat ‘paympesa’ might end up being a scam!!! I put an order with them more than seven days ago and the order was to be fulfilled within five days and they are yet to fulfill that!!!Has any tried withdrawing funds from paypal through them and succeeded?

  14. yeah…it was resolved and i was given some extra cash coz of the delay. But am gonna give it a second trial for me to fully trust them.

  15. I’m actually giving paympesa a shot although so far they haven’t responded to my mails to customer care. Will update you guyz once the 5 days are done.

  16. I think by getting Paypal Debit Card is the only solution to withdraw money from your paypal account in Kenya or in any other country worldwide.

  17. Paympesa is a scam. I made a test withdrawal of shs 1000 credit on 4th October and up to date they haven’t delivered. They don’t even respond to e-mails. Be careful people!

  18. Hello,

    I have gone throuht all commemnts and after i had chat with online support,
    they explain me why they have negative impact in market,
    They said , they are only People in market who do exchange of PayPal and thats the reson , they get unauthorized payment via paypal or hacked paypal payment , this cause them to terminate their order , and this is the reason people posted scam to bring them down,

    After chat i have tried test exchange of 100$ PayPal to liberty reserve exchange , and my finger was crossed , they asked me 3 days processing time :
    and after 3 days . : 7 hrs later i got 93$ In my Liberty reserve

    if you have legal and lagic funds in your PayPal i would recomment you to move to them , they will sure help you to exchange 🙂

  19. hey thanks for ur article i am having a problem validating my paypal account alone leave alone the other stuff how can i validate my account. Do Kenyan credit card numbers work to validate

  20. PAY MPESA is a scam!!!! I made an order with them and he site has disappeared even the first order i had made with them had issues. Three weeks down the line and no delivery.

  21. I’m glad that his is it finally, i can withdraw money from such stuff……..

  22. Hi people. I have a Cheaper way of withdrawing pay pal money in Kenya. Let me know if Anyone is interested.

  23. I Apologize guys but i have also been in same problem after holding thousands of dollars in my account in Kenya without knowing how or where to withdraw. I wana let you know that this problem is solved today. If you want to transact your money it would take 7days and it would reach to you. I will only accept transactions of 50 dollars and above due to cutting much work. Also i can help you to get a paypal account. You will need a mastercard or visa.

    • Hi, i have a paypal account but am having problems verifying it. Could you help?

      • Do you have a visa card that is enabled to be transacted online? If yes, it needs to have atleast ksh400. That will surely help verify your account.

  24. Phewks! I had to let this out.. after years of waiting.. I can finally withdraw funds from PayPal Kenya with ease.. Since 2008 I’ve been looking for ways to make cash on the web.. which I’ve succeded anyhow, but there has always been throttles, e.g. clickbank not allowing countries like kenya in their registration.. or getting paid via paypal but cannot withdraw the same in spendable cash..

    The only legit way to withdraw cash from paypal is to have a US bank account which is not achievable or even practical for the majority of kenyan residents and citizens..

    So I found a way around it.. i joined freelancer (dot) com and I got a payment method for Mastercard provided by payoneer (dot) com – free-of-charge. They sent me a Mastercard that i can use to withdraw on any Mastercard branded ATM on on POS in supermarkets..

    I’ve been using the card for nearly 2 years and with that history I applied for a US bank account via payoneer which is mapped to my card..

    so currently i withdraw from paypal to a virtual US bank account from payoneer and i can cash out within 3 to 4 business days.

    Am now promoting more affiliate programs that pay via paypal.

    The only handicap is that you can only withdraw a max of KES. 20k per transaction, so if you need to withdraw $1,000 you have to do it 4 times, which means more ATM charges..

    Alternatively, if you have big amounts you can visit a bank like KCB and they swipe the huge amount and give you in cash.. this way the charges are deducted once

    • I guess this is where I will be heading to if paypal does not come through for us in the next few months. More so since their (payoneer’s) charge ($20 p.a + 1% of transactions) seems more reasonable than the $99 p.a fee they used to charge before. A single concern I have with payoneer, though, is that you must continue to receive payments from the partner(s) attached to your card(s) “now and then” for your account to remain active. So, to maintain the ability to make paypal to payoneer transfers, you have to at least do some work within the partner site(s) to ensure your account remains active. Such loyalty would be hard if your partner is one of those where cheap labour is the norm. I can stand rates offered by some of the partner sites I have attached to my card; others I just attached to verify if one could actually attach multiple partners.

      Not sure if the affiliate card that payoneer has introduced is subject to a similar restriction.

      • Yeronly,
        If you have multiple partners attached to one card, then keeping it active is pretty easy, and of course your application will be easily approved.
        My next experiment is clickbank, i opened an a/c under APO/FPO. I promoted some products and earned some commissions they sent the check 1st week jan, i’ll keep checking the post to see if they send it 😉

  25. Thanks guys for your sober and engaging discussion. I have learned a lot. To also add on the debate, I heard of a small timer, a home based business that can cash your PayPal funds and wire you the money via m-pesa or other available means. They do from $5 to a max of $1000. Guess it is meant to stop frauds and money launderers. They also affordable priced airtime, unlike akina babawatoto who charge $12 for a Ksh 500 airtime.

    They are at ;

    They sound credible

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  27. There is a new entrant in the money transfer service called that allows one to send money to Kenya and the recipient can receive through mobile, bank account or cash in selected towns. The site also allows a Kenyan in the diaspora to pay bills such as electricity, rent, school fees and water for someone in Kenya for a small fee. I think they have a bright future.

  28. What site allows you to sign up with Kenya as your country, and accepts credit card payments other than PayPal (my prior experience with them has costed me a lot)?

    I tried moneybookers by signing up with Kenya as my country, but my customers were asked to make a bank transfer (international transfer!). Ridiculous considering the customers expect my service instantly. Furthermore, they were asked to sign up for a moneybookers account.

    I really wish there was something that works as simple as PayPal.


    • @Prince, this is Esther of ePAY-KENYA. Have you considered using 2Checkout? With 2Checkout, your customers can use Paypal and Credit cards. They do not need to open accounts with 2CO. Finally, they will send your money to a Kenya account. If you are interested, write to me on requesting for a Promo Code which will entitle you to 100% waiver of the 2CO Vendor sign up fee of USD 49. I still have a few promo codes left.

  29. i need your help. i need phone number for paypal

  30. Ahmed Hadar says:

    Would it be safe to use Auction Essistance to help us withdraw money from our Kenya PayPal account?


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  2. says:

    Easy Paypal Withdraw to American Express,VISA,Bank Account…

    How I earned $600 USD from Blogging (Paypal) then withdraw to Bank Account? It really works for me!……

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