Interesting Kenyan Sites #6

Easy Fax – this is a website that provides virtual fax services, in Kenya! I must say that the site is pretty well done and the user experience just seems miles ahead of most Kenyan offerings, kudos to the people behind this. Now you can receive faxes for free, via email, in Kenya. Check it out.

Kenyan Listings – well, I would say that directory-type sites in Kenya have a heck of a lot of competition. It shouldn’t be a reason not to try make one successful, though. Kenyan Listings seems to be well done and functional. Good luck to them.

Penumos – this is just a shamefully poorly made website – made by a supposed web designer!!! yet another reason why you should be careful who you hire to do your web design.

Mike Sonko – for a supposedly filthy wealthy individual, you would expect a better designed website, no? Hopefully it’ll get a face-lift soon.

Special thanks to Jaffar Mohamed and Shiko Nduta for contributing to this week’s article.

Update 29/9/2010: The Penumos guys have promptly updated their site.

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  1. Penumos is an embarrassment. It is because of this guys that you get clients telling you “Hey, you guys charge so much for a website, i know a guy who can do it for 3K”. I mean really, why can’t you take a week and learn wordpress or any other CMS for christ sake, if you can’t learn good XHTML, PHP and CSS. Color scheme, navigation, graphics, usability, everything is all wrong. There is no shortcut to making a quick buck. What a shame!

    Anyway, i have taken the contact numbers, this is a guy to invite to give a talk on “How to be 1990 when its 2010”

  2. I looked at the penumos website. Good but tell them the colour they have used is too sharp guys. And also, tell them that sometimes it’s not actually about fancy, its about functionality. Will your target customer get to your website, understand what you are offering, trust it and easily navigate through to acquire it? But hey, Kudos Penumos!! We’ve got to start somewhere you know and make it better as we learn; and that is business. Even the greatest businesses you see today started with things that can easily make you laugh. So keep it up and you will be at the top!

  3. kudos guys
    one thing i like is the info you give.


  1. […] EasyFax – this is a website that provides virtual fax services, in Kenya! More. […]

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