How To Be Creative

In today’s world, being creative is a requirement. Don’t you think so? The good thing is that everyone was born creative. The bad thing is that things like school (and 8-4-4) often steal our creativity. Hugh MacLeod’s How To Be Creative is a book that teaches you how to get back your creativity. Do you want to be creative? Download the book below.

Hugh doesn’t teach you how to come up with your big idea, nor is the book a collection of theories on what makes something innovative. Rather, Hugh’s rules teach a mindset conducive to pushing great ideas to their logical conclusions. This book won’t teach you how to paint, but if you’re lucky you’ll come away with the mental frame you need to avoid having the outside world crush your creativity.

My favorite line from the book: The more original your idea is, the less good advice people will be able to give you.

Download it here: [download id=”27″]

Hugh MacLeod is a brand consultant, copywriter and cartoonist. Born in America but educated in the UK, he has spent most of his life shuttling between the two countries. He started out in straight TV advertising writing in the early 90s but with the advent of new media it evolved into new brand thinking and cultural transformation. His website,, is widely read in the blogosphere.

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