When Blogging Gets Too Tough

In my opinion, blogging isn’t for the weak-willed. Before one decides to go into blogging, one should think clearly on whether he/she can take the challenges that the blogosphere brings.

I admit, if approached in the right way, blogging is mostly fun. Therefore, before you start to blog, examine yourself and your intentions and figure out whether you can have fun blogging. If you cannot, then do not blog. Blogging is basically about writing – can you write consistently over an extended period of time? Take a look at Erick’s reasons for not blogging. Is blogging still for you?

This post isn’t about discouraging would-be bloggers. In actual fact, I’m aiming to address blogger’s block: a condition of blogger disillusionment where you feel ‘tired’ of blogging and, obviously, your blog suffers. My reasoning is simple: if you got into blogging for the right reasons and understood what you were getting yourself into, blogger’s block won’t hit you so hard.

It does, however, hit everyone once in a while. Here’s how I recommend dealing with it:

  1. Take a break. Go for a long walk, do some gardening, go on a date – do anything to get you off the computer.
  2. If this doesn’t work then go to a library near you and just browse through books you find interesting (you can do this on the net but I recommend getting off it). Alternatively, go crazy with the papers and read to your heart’s content. If you cannot do either of the above or you just can’t pull away from the computer, try stumbling aimlessly for hours and hours (and get a check up for cannot-get-off-the-computer-syndrome).
  3. If, by now, you haven’t got blogging back into your system, consider taking an extended amount of time off blogging. Go on holiday.

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  1. mama shady says:

    hmm, going for long walks!thats a new one;)personally if i dont have anything to write, i don’t worry about it!but that could also tie in to youre blog purpose. if youre afraid that youll lose youre audience then maybe you’ll feel the pressure.still, dont think about it too much.

  2. Yeah I agree with you if you let the pressure get to you then you’re not going anywhere but downhill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    thank you for interesting and useful info 🙂 May I ask you couple of unrelated to this post? How do you put these “Related Posts: ” There is a plugin for wordpress, but for blogger blogspot users too? Or you do it manually every time?

    Thank you

  4. Unfortunately I do it manually every time. I have been lookin for a way to do it automatically in blogger but I haven’t found it yet.

    However, if you link posts together, they will each have:’Links to this post’ at the end which is somewhat like ‘Related Posts’.

    Thanks for your question, and for visiting my blog.

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