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This post was written by Erick, a regular reader and commenter on this blog. I wanted a guest blogger here because I was inspired by I Help You Blog’s “101 Great Posting Ideas For Your Blog.”

Many thanx to my host Kayliz for this guest post, which is in response to his question on a previous post. I read ‘somewhere’ that lists are good (see number 11, second bullet), so here’s my blog on why I don’t blog 🙂 :

It goes without saying that a blog has to be original. But apparently Archer came across a deliberate act of plagiarism. I’d rather not blog than feel the need to copy others.

4. Time Management
In order to write a good blog, time needs to be managed so that other parts of your life don’t suffer. Blogging less than once a month would seem “too little” for me, and would discourage others from coming back for new content (see number 8). A lack of effective time management is one of my many weaknesses.

3. Planned Blogging
Readers come back for more content when a blog is interesting, and that takes planning and research (see number 9). Even then, I wouldn’t want to sound like a ” know it all” 🙂 . How does one balance expressing accurate knowledge with conveying humility? Still figuring that out.

2. Comment Envy
People are generally social creatures, so the more the connection between blogger and commenter(s), the more dynamic a blog is. But it takes time to develop a good “comment base”. Even Aco admitted that he used to blog for himself a long time ago. I would probably look at my “0 comments”, then go over to tHiNkEr’s rOoM with 20+ comments, and think “How much longer??” 🙂 .

1. No Vision
As already stated in my comment, Aco posted something on blogging some time ago. A lot of it is personal opinion (as he stated), and he has valid points. Others don’t agree with him and I see their point too. One statement that sticks out is:

I think that part of the problem is that when many people start their blogs they don’t have an idea where their blog is going.

I would want to continue blogging even when no one comments, because I know what the goal of the blog is. Comment Envy or not 🙂 . I’m still waiting for that Vision, so will continue enjoying others blogs in the meantime. Thanx again Kayliz!!

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  1. Acolyte says:

    Nice post! Yes I believe that it is hard to balance blogging for self and blogging for readers. But it can be done. Plus commentors are unique beings some of my most popular posts are not my best work in my opinion.
    But I do stand by the thought that you do need some blogging vision, a good blog isnt all things but a few focussed ones.
    Good points brought up here!

  2. Thanks for this post, Erick. You raise some good points on why you don’t blog. I do agree that you do need some blog vision. However, when I started blogging, I had no vision as such and I haven’t turned out too bad. What I’m trying to say is that maybe once someone is blogging, he/she can somehow ‘acquire’ the vision. All in all, one should go into blogging clearly knowing what blogging means to him/her.

  3. Wonderful post.

  4. Late to my own party 🙂 . Thanx, Aco, kayliz, egm. Kayliz, I agree, about ‘acquiring’ a vision, but some are better at it than others. I’ve seen some bloggers degenerate into “why aren’t you (readers) commenting??”, which leads me to believe that comments are the only vision for their blog. Kayliz, you have a passion for it, keep blogging! Aco, glad you stuck around. More “Drama” posts!!

  5. I was wondering when you’d show up, Erick. Ati I have passion? Thanks, that made me feel god about blogging.

    We seem to agree that one can ‘acquire’ a vision.

    One can also lose it. I have lost my vision for one of my other blogs – KenyanSoccer. It started well enough but keeping it running is rather costly (match tickets and all). I don’t mind spending the money but I do mind that sometimes I spend it and get 0 comments. Plus, our football lately hasn’t been much fun blogging about. I’m planning to give away the blog coz I’d hate to see it die.

    So this is a lack of vision and comment envy. I got it bad, lol.

  6. oops bad link
    I meant Kenyan Soccer

  7. Sorry for being late, it was crazy at work yesterday. Yes, I’ve learnt a little more about blogging from your posts, even when I don’t comment, so the passion is there. Just like the movie Field of Dreams, “If you [blog] it, [they] will come.” 🙂

  8. Sounds like a good movie. Thanks for the kind words. 😉

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