KBC Interactive Game Show Fraud (with pics)

This article was generously contributed by Mutwiri.

Earlier this month there was a huge debate on this forum about an error KTN had made on their interactive game show. The issue was with the simple arithmetic – 11 x 2 + 32 – 21 + 5 x 3 + 5 x 1 The answer that won cash was 120, which off course was WAY off.

Well, yesterday KBC ran something similar on their show.

23 – 12 x 5 + 112 – 20 + 3 x 8 + 12

The choices were -125, -170 and 250

I took screen shots:

KBC interactive game show fraud

The Question (click for larger)

The answer that won Kshs.50,000 was 250

So how did they arrive at 250? Here’s their calculation:

KBC interactive game show fraud

The Fraudulent answer (click for larger)

If you look at the pictures closely, KBC actually changed the question and then awarded 50,000/- to….”the winner”. Theft in broad daylight!

What are your thoughts on this? Where can a complaint be made?

Even the fraudulent answer does NOT add up to 250!!!!