The Most Popular Browser & Operating System in Kenya

This post is based on statistics of visitors to of the period January 2011 to January 2012. The data represents the operating systems and browsers used by the people who visited Like Chapaa in the year 2011. Here’s a nice little graph for you:

Like Chapaa 2011 Website Statistics

Like Chapaa 2011 Website Statistics (click for larger image)

PC Operating systems
Of course it is no surprise that Windows is far and away the most popular operating system in Kenya. But it was VERY surprising to me that there seems to be more Mac users than there are Linux users. Does this seem strange to you?

  1. Windows – 74.31%
  2. Macintosh – 3.88%
  3. Linux – 1.76%

I haven’t taken mobile into account above, see blow.

Mobile Operating systems
As you can see in the graphs, the leading mobile operating system is “not set”. I will assume that this can be attributed to the “kawa” phones such as your Nokias, Samsungs and whatnot – i.e. “feature phones”. These feature phones contribute a whopping 11.46% of the visitors to Like Chapaa.

It is interesting to note that the Android operating system is at a respectable 2.71%

  1. Feature phones – 11.46%
  2. Android – 2.71%

According to this data set, the most popular mobile operating system in Kenya:

  1. Symbian OS
  2. Unknown
  3. Android
  4. Samsung
  5. Sony Ericsson
  6. iOS
  7. Blackberry
  8. Windows mobile

Most Popular Browser
Firefox is the most popular browser with Internet Explorer coming in second and Google Chrome third. Interestingly, the lead that Firefox has is huge, being more than double its nearest competitor. Another interesting thing is that Google Chrome is almost at par with Internet explorer.

To be honest, these stats are very much unexpected. Globally, the most popular browser by a huge margin is Internet explorer. Perhaps this means that visitors to Like Chapaa are more ‘sophisticated’ when compared to the average Internet user.

  1. Firefox – 40.68%
  2. Internet Explorer – 17.20%
  3. Chrome – 16.28%
  4. Safari – 2.70%
  5. Opera – 1.91%

Mobile Vs Desktop
It is interesting to note that Mobile visits were at 14.17% only. I’m sure we have all heard that “mobile is the future of Africa”. I agree with that statement to some extent, but the data just does not seem to back it up, does it?

Like Chapaa is an “information/”news” type of website and I attribute the relatively high number of mobile visitors to this fact. I would argue that if you look at the visitor stats of a normal company website, you would get much fewer numbers of mobile visitors.

What does this mean? I am not sure, but, to me, clearly personal computers are still the dominant Internet device among Kenyans. Further to this, if you are building your company website do not put a significant amount of resources into developing a “mobile” version (unless you can afford it).

What do you think of all this?

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  1. Interesting – the data on mobile operating systems seem to correspond to some world-wide data, to some extent ( table 2.

    As relates mobile vs. others, I guess the data would support if social networking is the future.


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