ePay-Kenya: A Tried and Proven Way to Withdraw From PayPal in Kenya

The lack of a good and reliable way to withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya is one of the factors which hinder the average Kenyan’s potential to earn online most significantly. On Like Chapaa, we have had a long and hard struggle to try to find and identify the best way to withdraw from PayPal in Kenya. I believe that we have a contender for this title in e-Pay Kenya.

e-Pay Kenya opened its doors in January 2009 as e-pesa then rebranded in 2010 to ePAY-KENYA. Esther Kimani of e-Pay Kenya reached out to us to provide more information on what e-Pay does. This article is based on her information to us, and on good reports their customers.

e-Pay Kenya offers two ways to withdraw your hard-earned money:

1. Moneybookers
“We have an Merchant Agreement with Moneybookers allowing us to officially run a Money transfer website using their services. This explains why the moneybookers fee is lower (11%) than Paypal. We therefore do not operate under any fear of account limitation as we operate with blessings from Moneybookers. We deliver within the hour but often less,” says Esther Kimani of e-Pay Kenya.

2. Paypal
Esther continues, “We use a third-party gateway to avoid the direct interface with Paypal because we have experienced the danger of doing so (when we operated as e-pesa). This explains why the transaction charges are higher (14%) than Moneybookers but then our users enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Peace of mind when dealing with us as there is no possibility of our users’ accounts being limited by PayPal
  2. Our third-party gateway does fraud tests on our behalf to minimize fraudulent transactions.
  3. We have a strict KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. All our users have to send Identification Documents in order to have their accounts verified, thus allowing them to make transactions.
  4. We demand that users forward their Paypal Transaction Confirmation emails before they can cash their money. We use this document to authenticate the bona fide account holders. We have caught up with fraudsters who hack into unsuspecting paypal account holders’ accounts.
  5. Delivery within 24 hours but often less.”

The bulk of the fees are charged when you deposit money from Moneybookers/PayPal into e-Pay Kenya. Their charges at this time are as follows:


  • Deposit 11%
  • Withdrawal USD 3 irrespective of the amount


  • Deposit 14%
  • Withdraw USD 3 irrespective of the amount

It seems to me that e-Pay Kenya has a very well thought-out service. It is the best of all such businesses that I have come across so far. It is a bit pricey, but as we wait for PayPal to open itself up, e-Pay Kenya remains a good and reliable alternative.

What do you think of e-Pay Kenya?

As far as I know, the REAL e-Pay Kenya is at: www.epay-kenya.com

NOT: www.epaykenya.com

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  1. rachael says:

    does epay have an office in nairobi?

  2. I tried their services just to test, it’s good but the hussle is somewhat acceptable. Cash got in like that, but the cost for an avid user of paypal is too much. I am trying the Paypal to Payoneer through ACH then see. But moneybookers so far handles the bulk of my transactions

  3. like seriously, i cant understand how people complain about epay…i had used them for 2 yrs then,,strayed kidogo and got my paypal account limited and***folded my tail between my tail*** and went back…now for the last one yr have been loyal and happy…btw to make it cheaper i always accumulate cash and withdraw once i accumulate as the the &4.50 have less effect….Long live epay….

  4. I appreciate epay-kenya’s effort to enable withdrawal from paypal in Kenya and lowering their rates, a little, but the 1$=Ksh. 80 exchange rate does not reflect the current market price (1$=KSh. 82-83) and that makes some of us feel cheated. Can anybody responsible or otherwise clarify this please?

  5. is epay anyway associated with http://chuchihosting.com./ ???
    am trying to withdraw funds from paypal and
    am getting like, i need to buy stuff from http://chuchihosting.com./
    how will this link to my epay account?

  6. Epay-kenya is a disaster waiting to happen. Those guys have become sloppy in their services and when you call their help desk lines, ur tlked down on or told can you please be patient!; epay kenya hv really angered me today bt thank God i have a payoneer card. Consistency is key in this line of business and once an individual becomes inconsistent………..Anyway would advise any1 doing online activites to get a payoneer card coz the emerging inconsistency in epaykenya can only signify one thing; paypal is catching on to them, getting your paypal acccount banned is not worth it

    • Ojala, I wish to assure you that contrary to your prediction, ePAY is there to stay. If indeed you are our customer ( I can not locate any of our customers using the name Ojala) you must have noted that we do not deal with paypal directly and therefore the issue of “paypal catching up” with us does not apply. We understand that you are angry because your order was not processed within the time you expected but then that should not be a reason to try and tarnish our reputation. As far as we are concerned, we try hard to serve all our customers diligently as we value each and everyone of you. There are many reasons that can result in a delayed order but I can assure you that inefficiency by our team members is possible but a rare occurrence. I also know that unless you have not fulfilled our expectations, there is no order that has been delayed for more than 24 hours. I am sure your Payoneer card will not get you money in less than 3-4 days. We apologize if we fell short of your expectations and would encourage you to raise a support ticket for an explanation or quick resolution to any issue yo may want to raise with us. We do not claim to be as precise as a swiss clock but then we do make efforts to improve on our service delivery as we value our customers very much.

      • Ur rght; ddnt use ma real name 2 avoid victmisation by epay-kenya staff; ur issue of not dealing with paypal directly is just a ‘cache’; a major online paytv company in the US was blaclisted by paypal, yet they were using 2checkout as a gateway; same case as epay. That was a company raking in more than 16 M kenya shillings per day; epay kenya is lyk a toothng child when cmprd 2 the company. Thts beside the issue, anywyz, i appreciate your sercivice,ths is nt a case of mudslngng; TRUTH BE SAID; ur recognized by paypal n theres a hgih probability of epay kenya paypal account users being banned. Another point on ur inconsistency, chanigng ur fund account from DTB to Chase bank….; as is aid its a matter of time. Av been genrating online income since 2006 and i know the nitty gritty details of online payment schemes in Kenya; iv seen more than 7 kenyan paypal companies come and go. Bt at the end of the day thts jst ma opinion…..

        • Victimization of our customers? Not our style, though we actually know who you are. DTB? Never even contemplated joining this bank. Am not sure where you get your information from but it is misleading. You are however entitled to an opinion, however objective or subjective it may be. We take no offence and will always serve you diligently if you need our services as we respect and value you as our customers despite your effort to tarnish our reputation. I rest my case and leave it up to our esteemed customers to judge us based on their respective experiences with us.

      • Another point on payoneer; payoneer master card is the only legal way of withdrwng paypal funds in kenya ( any dispute on that???????); payoneer rates are way lower than epay kenya rates, (epay its 8.5 percent plus FIXED withdrawal CHARGE 4.5 dollars ) for payoneer its around 2.5 Percent of tha total amount withdrawn plus ATM charges. Another point, my fellow comrades on the online platform have struggled to generate online income each month (read; common case scenario more than 300 dollars a month) as such,waiting 4 3days 2 receive payment is not an issue( on payoneer); provided that one gets more than 95 percent (on payoneer) of the total earnings. In epay-kenya, one gets around 75 percent of the total earnings (argue the fact out); and still i state, this is no mudslinging campaign just plain facts

        • Can we be serious for once. Ojala (all whatever your name is) is breathing venom about epay because of a delay? Sorry but Payoneer is not breaking news to some of us who have been in the online business longer than you. As a matter of fact, there are many credible blogs giving Kenyans an insight on this Payoneer card. I however choose to remain with epay which by far has been the most credible outfit. Some of us have been conned by wanna be service providers in the past. An explained delay is a breeze to me. I do not care, neither do I need to know which bank they use as long as I receive my money in reasonable time. Honestly I still do not understand the reason you have decided to use this forum to try and ‘mudsling’ epay though you are in denial. If you are so confident about your Payoneer option, why would you fear being victimized ? Why give examples of companies that have fallen off with paypal when we have examples of blue chip companies in Kenya like NationHela? Epay, you have my support and that of many other users and keep at it for you have saved many. A further reduction in your rate will always be welcome!

          • I follow this post and was surprised this morning to see this series of comments. Sorry Ojala for whatever hurt you about ePAY. Trust me, Payoneer may also hurt you one of these days but honestly this is not the right way to bring it out.

            I am the owner of another top Kenyan blog on freelancing and was actually one of the first people who discovered the that the Payoneer card can help withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya.

            I have used ePAY for close to a year and have had no disappointments. I agree with Chrystal that ePAY is actually consistent with what they do, having helped Kenyans withdraw from PayPal way before any other company did.

            Furthermore, they offer the fastest way of getting your PayPal cash.

            Ojala, ePay does not have hidden charges. You came in knowing exactly how much they charge. I am sure they gave you a breakdown on how they withdraw cash and also a support link to use whenever you would have issues. It does not make sense that you joined and then start complaining on this forum due to an explained delay.

            In closing, let me just tell you that it is a free country/world. Feel free to leave ePay or even Payoneer and PayPal if you so wish. We all know their charges and delivery times and have stuck with them for good reasons. I personally use both ePAY and Payoneer and am a satisfied customer. I hope your issue was sorted out and sincerely wish you success in all you do.


          • Ojala Ojala, I really do not know where you are coming from. The fact of the matter is, epay is one of the best thing that has ever happened to us as a firm.
            I have never come across a solution that helps in withdrawals within an hour. Yes, I said within an hour.
            This is as fast as walking into an ATM for us. Kudos e-pay, Excellent service.

        • “Epay-kenya is a disaster waiting to happen.” Ojala, your claims are satirically amusing:). Well, am gonna debate your claims by taking a few direct quotes from your argument. To start with you said, “Those guys have become sloppy in their services” Hmnn….so I’m thinking, you have been using Epay-Kenya services for quite a while, or at least long enough to have experienced the massive (positive) changes that have happened over the years. Personally, I have used Epay-Kenya’s services for 2 plus years, and still going strong. Your claim that they have become sloppy cannot be further from the truth. When I first started using Epay-Kenya, withdrawals would take me a few hours (maybe 4-6 hrs) can’t vividly recall, but recently, I get my money within the hour. There are days I get my money within 30 minutes (completely amazing!!). I can’t dispute the fact that there are those days when I encounter delays, but usually, it is always about Mpesa having trouble. Moving on, did you bring this all up because your ego was tampered with? What’s wrong with being told to be patient? And btw, did you get your money? Ah, don’t answer that :). I completely agree with Chrystal, as long as I get my money within reasonable time, I’m happy. Epay-Kenya guys have really tried, and FYI, I have NEVER been talked down by any of the Epay-Kenya guys (they are really friendly folks). About the DTB and Chase Bank thing, I really don’t care …. I have always got my Mpesa and I do not make it my business to check on what kind of bank they use. You said it yourself that you have seen 7 “PayPal” (lol) Companies (check your so called nitty gritty details) to have come and gone. Think you meant the Scam Companies that have stolen from innocent Kenyans. On that, I agree with you, most of those companies that claim to offer PayPal withdrawal option are no good. Many have been scammed, luckily, never been one of them as Epay-Kenya does not deal with PayPal directly. They use a very safe and secure withdrawal method, one that even the likes of Nation Hela could not match. Coming down to Payoneer card, I’m actually a card holder, but do I use it? Rarely. I find Epay-Kenya faster, and actually do not mind spending an extra dollar or two for such an efficient service. Overall, I’m not gonna waste more ink on claims that do not hold any water, it’s clear you are quite misinformed or totally ignorant.

          • Guys do not waste time with this Ojala guy or chick. I went through his/her initial write up and honestly it is difficult to make out the reason for his/her anger besides being told to be patient. Payoneer is in partnership with Mastercard and the word going around is that they might push Payoneer to cease support to countries which are not supported by paypal in terms of money withdrawal. Stop hating epay for unexplained reasons and have them resolve your petty issues through the channels they have provided. We do not need such unsupported, flimsy and ‘sloppy’ comments on this serious blog.

            • Ha ha ha; as anyone can clearly see, this is a string of comments by one person. Take note of grammar use and the way the name ojala is being used. The issue of paypal striking off the payoneer card is not practical since paypal requires one to have a us bank account to make a withdrawal: payoneer provide all their users with a virtual us bank account!.

              • Respond to issues and do not beat about the bush even if the string of comments are from one person. At least they are factual.
                1. Do you want readers to stop using epay because they told you to be patient?
                2. Are you a payoneer salesman on affiliate commissions?
                3. Are you an epay competitor?
                4. What exactly is your motive?

                Kelvin, I know freedom of expression is important on your bog but please spare us from such posts that add no value to readers but the writer in his attempt to salvage his ego.

            • Dont you think it would be much better for the blog owner to decide that?

              • Your lack of objectivity is quite obvious. I talked about Mastercard and Payoneer relationship, then you bring up the issue of ‘paypal striking off the payoneer card.’ Surely your obsession in being biased in your interpretation gets clearer with time. Whatever your motive is, I wish you the very best. I can give you links to blog sites where you can actually be a star but you certainly do not belong to this forum. I rest my case….

  7. I really don’t understand Kenyans. Happen to be some of the rudest and most cowardly people around. I have worked online for more than a year now, and I have used Epay loyally. I withdraw twice a week – I’ve been fortunate enough to get into a company that values my hard work and motivates me with twice-weekly payments. The Epay team have been consistent, fast, and cordial. I earn my living online, and earn twice as much as most Kenyans do in the conventional Kenyan job market. I chose not to work with Kenyans because of the rudeness, tough work conditions and general inhumanity that I had experienced interacting with most of my countrymen. I am not perfect, but I try to do the right thing and I live my life with integrity. My point is, Epay is one of the few companies that I can say always delivers. Ojala must have a problem with someone else and may be using this forum to vent. I can vouch for the guys, and I am glad they exist. Payoneer doesn’t give you twenty minutes access to your PayPal cash, and doesn’t Mpesa you after withdrawal. I need convenience in my life, and I don’t mind paying for it. Kenyans, let’s understand that the online platform is a window that lets other nationalities in on our behaviors. iwriter.com banned Kenyans for being generally unruly and not doing the right thing. Let’s try and give credit where it’s due.

  8. Has anyone heard of CROWDSOURCE KENYA, They are hiring people to work online from home and they also support paypal transactions for their members ie they can help you withdraw and your paid on the spot from paypal also if you need money loaded into your paypal account they can assist you with that as well. They are located at Ngonghill Hotel business park 2nd floor or check the website for more details.

    • I have used Crowd source Kenya they currently have the best rates I Withdrew $800 and I saved up to Kshs. 1500 compared to using other service providers and they sent me the money within 5mins they have great service…

  9. hey i just had my account verified and e-pay unfortunately closed down for elections anybody here with an idea of how i can get my money from e-pay quick quick..

  10. We hoping for a service like these in Nigeria as well!

  11. Has anyone tried Auction Essistance for PayPal services?

  12. Does this e-pay thing still work? I need the services asap

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