Do You Know About This Amazing Investment Opportunity?

In this economy, where do you invest your money? What gives the best returns? We still believe that one of the best, least-known investment opportunities is investing in websites.

In fact, over the last few months, we have been quietly purchasing websites both for ourselves and some clients. Why do we think this represents a good investment? Here’s a quote from an earlier article:

A little-known way of making money online is that of investing in virtual real estate i.e. buying websites.

I know you are conversant with the idea of buying land or houses so I will use that as an example to make a point. If you buy a house at Kshs 5 million and then rent it out, the monthly rent that you can charge is usually 1% of the buying price (this sometimes varies but it is the average). Therefore, the expected rent of a house worth 5 million would be Kshs 50,000 a month or Kshs 600,000 a year. To get back your 5 million investment, it would take 8.3 years. This is considered a good investment.

A better one would be to buy a small business. The average rate of return on a small business is about 20% – i.e. if you buy a business at 5 million, you should expect to make 1 million a year. This means that it would take you 5 years to get back your investment.

What about buying a website? The strange thing is that the value of a website is usually only about 12 – 24 times its money income. That is, if a website makes Kshs 10,000/- a month, the selling price should be a maximum of 240,000/-. This means that it only takes you two years to get back your initial investment.

Sounds like a good investment to you? (Read More)

Think about that. If you spend Kshs 5,000,000 on a website you should expect to make up to Kshs 500,000 every month. And, guess what? Some types of websites require NO input from you. Can you imagine making a passive 500k every month? I don’t know what to say – I simply cannot think of a better investment in this economy! Can you?

Let me share with you a snapshot of recently sold websites to further drive the point home:

Recently sold websites

Recently sold websites

From the above, the average cost of purchasing a website is about 10.7 times its expected monthly revenues.

This means that if a website makes $100 (about Kshs 10,000 currently) every month, then its expected purchase price would be $1,070 (about Kshs 100,000 currently).

A website that cost you $1,070 (about Kshs 100,000 currently) will earn $1,200 (about Kshs 120,000 currently) in one year.

Sijui if this makes any sense to you. Personally, though, at Nickel Pro we have been aggressively investing in websites to the point where now a significant part of our revenues is on “autopilot” (it comes whether we work or not). Hakuna pesa tamu kama hiyo, let me tell you! πŸ™‚

So, as you are thinking of where to invest your money. Spare a thought for websites. In my opinion it is one of the best investments out there. If you want to get into this but have no idea how to search for, value, evaluate and manage a website, give us a call. We’ll work something out.


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  1. Nice

  2. justin kinama says:

    na like chapaa.thats y i want to share ths wit knws an investment wea around 50k capital can gv u almst 200k a month or more?if u tel u.

  3. whats the advantage of buying over building your own website, using the various available tools on the net.

    • Buying means you get immediate access to an already presumably) successful website which already has some income and traffic. This takes time and effort f building from scratch.

  4. Zachary Nyakundi says:

    How would you know the genuine website you are purchasing and the income it is generating?

    • You have to be very diligent in scrutinising the seller’s claims. You have to access his site analytics and compare to his revenue claims. Finally, trust that inner voice

  5. I sold on of my sites at the auction site for a good amount of money.
    I have a network of 15 sites in different markets. the primary source of income from these sites is Google Adsense but my best investment has been in our tours business through where we made a lot of money πŸ™‚ through that site alone

    There is money to be made online its just that Kenyans are very ignorant. the challenge for any site is traffic generation.


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