Amazing Low Cost Computer (Kshs 2,500)

Remember when we wrote about Raspberry Pi a couple of months back? For those who do not know, the Raspberry Pi is an amazing little device that is actually a fully functioning computer. It is not much larger than a persons finger credit cart and consists of not much more than a processor (CPU), a USB port to connect a keyboard, and a way to connect it to a TV.

The development of this device is at an advanced stage and it should be available for sale in about 2 months. The device itself looks to be very well made and perfect for use in places like Kenya. Because:

  • It is extremely affordable at Kshs 2,500 for a FULL modern computer. Not one of those refurbished things in town.
  • Just for emphasis, this is a full computer system which you can use for Word processing, watching movies, or even playing games.
  • It can be connected to your regular TV. You don’t need to buy a separate screen.
  • It is very mobile – it fits in your pocket and consumes very little power (you can run it using regular AA batteries.

The video below is of these device being used to watch a movie:

I think this device can revolutionise computing in Kenya. Now, personal computers have a chance at being as widely used as mobile phones.

I am going to get myself one, or three of these. Are you going to get one?

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  1. This is quite an innovation.Comes in handy especially for parents wanting to instill computer skills in their children without having to buy a costly computer

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