A Tiny Computer That Costs Kshs 2,500

2500 Computer

2500 Computer

The Raspberry Pi is an amazing little device that is actually a fully functioning computer. It is not much larger than a persons finger and consists of not much more than a processor (CPU), a USB port to connect a keyboard, and a way to connect it to a TV. Simple enough? The best part is that the device will be sold for about $25 (Kshs 2,250 at today’s rate).

Now you can buy 20 computers for less than 50,000/- bob. I think this device has massive potential in Kenya. You can spread computer literacy to even the remotest parts of Kenya with a device like this – ama? A really, really good feature of this device is that it can be connected to a TV. TVs are abundant in Kenya so if a family wanted a computer all they had to spend was 2,250 and they have one!

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