How to Get An Online Job

We get so many emails about online jobs that we decided to do somethign about it and try to solve this problem permanently!

We’re pleased to announce that today we’re releasing our newest, and only, book: Dummies Guide to Getting an Online Job.

Have you ever thought about getting an online job? Imagine a job which you can do from your own bedroom, in your pyjamas. Imagine a job which you can do at your own time (you can wake up late everyday and spend the afternoons on Thursday playing tennis). Could this lifestyle be for you?

Have you looked long and hard and struggled to find legitimate online jobs? We wrote this book for you. Many people go out looking for online jobs without doing the basic preparations. They end up as an online scam statistic. Do not let this be your story. Our book guides you through the things that a beginners should know and we suggest several places where you can find well paying legitimate online jobs. We even go as far as guiding you through the use of one very popular online jobs website/service.

Buy this. Now.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

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    we are a Kenyan BPO currently serving clients in Bont US, UK, Canada and Australian Markets.
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    we start from
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    Kshs.600/Audio hour Mainstream Transcribers
    Kshs.700/Audio hour Pro Transcribers (A pro is an agents that can deliver minimum of 1Audio hour per day with great Quality and response time consistently)

    all those that are interested should apply through with subject line Transcribers from home.


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