Are You Becoming Cheap Labour?

I bet you have heard about websites like, Fiverr and GigBucks. These are websites in which anyone can sign up and start making money online almost instantly. Basically, on these websites you can sell your services for a small fee. The good thing about them is that they are very popular and as long as you are skilled in something it is very difficult NOT to make money online on these sites.

Indeed, there are literally millions of people who are trying to make money using these websites (and other similar ones). Of all these millions of people, many actually do make money! Sounds nice, eh? You want to go try it out? Go ahead. But before you do, please take a moment to think it through. These websites are loved by people by me because I can get really talented people to offer their services to me really cheap. The people doing jobs on these sites are certainly happy to take my money. And I’m certainly happy to pay them… you know why? Because it is crazy cheap labour!! I can literally hire a graphic designer for $5 (Kshs 450) to create a logo for me then go ahead and sell that logo to someone else for Kshs 5,000/- Pesa taslimu.

Do you get my point? Sites like and Fiverr represent hundreds of thousands of people willing and able to work for you at the cheapest rates imaginable. Is the smartest thing you can do to join these hundreds of thousands of people and to compete with them? Really?

WAKE up!! Find a way to make some money off this insanely cheap labour. Do not BECOME the cheap labour.

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  1. So true….I got paid alot of money, more than I earn in just 4 days 🙂 its an amazing site freelancer 🙂

  2. Those logo experts on Fiverr have perfected the art of making logos. They can churn out logos in minutes. Another reason they do these cheap gigs is to get good contacts who will many times give you bigger jobs. I should know 🙂 I just started and already have good, steady contacts for bigger jobs. And this is only my part time hobby!

    • Does it really work that way though? I’ve hired Fiverr people before and even though I keep good contacts, and re-hire them – the rate is still usually low-ish.

      • Yes. The rates are very low. But the exposure you get is a big benefit. Just today I was contacted by an established graphics company about doing free lance work for them.

  3. I agree with Jan, Ever since I joined Freelancer about a year ago the cash flowing in gets bigger by the week.

  4. I guess market economies, technology and globalization are redefining sweatshops. Initially, in my spectrum of online services, Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos were the most implicated for offering below-the-market rates. Recent traffic statistics of some sites, whose rates are generally low, however indicate that Kenyans are making it to that group. However even these sites do not offer as low rates as those I have found being offered @

  5. i think cheap comes with low quality or get a substandard thing for the little you spent. I therefore believe it is better to Pay more for something and get quality than pay less to get scrap.

  6. i guess people will still prefer to offer themselves as cheap labour as long as there exists challenges in getting well paid and full time jobs

  7. It’s better cheap than sitting around doing nothing…ukingoja serikali ikusaidie! I’m a proud S.E.O writer on Freelancer. Want my help? Hahaha

  8. Just to update about what i wrote above.
    Fiverr is a great place to get off your butt and do something.
    It makes you get into the habit of coding or designing. This is real school of hard knocks.
    You don’t really learn by watching videos and making your own logos or websites. Only when your reputation and risk of criticism are at stack that you pull up your socks and produce your best work.
    However, once you get good recommendations and thumbs ups. People will be lining up to give you work. Then you can ask for and be given even $100 instead of $5. Nowadays, I charge a minimum of $50 for converting a website to WordPress!

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