Have you ever been in a situation where you need to verify whether your ISP is really charging you fairly?

What is Masaa?
Masaa is a tool that tracks your internet usage, whether on per Minute or per MB billing and keeps a history of the data for future reference. Also provide are optional reminders based on cost or time preferences. Masaa is designed for non-technical users and is not appropriate for those who run a home network for file sharing, or as a print server.

Why do I need to track my data usage?
Data Modems are the most popular way of accessing the internet, unfortunately data providers such as Safaricom , Airtel or Orange Kenya do not provide regular usage data to their clients making it difficult to verify whether you are billed correctly. Also given the different billing packages such as per Minute billing offered by the providers Masaa will come in handy.

You can download Masaa by clicking here.

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  1. I downloaded and using this software, pretty cool! but it only caters for safcom’s 2bob per min. But the good thing is it counts the number of MBs downloaded and uploaded. Its good.

  2. No it doesnt. Right click the masaa icon from the taskbar and select configure from the menu. Choose between per minute or per mb billing and set the cost. Also you can click on the adapter to check the real speed of your internet connection

  3. Well right-clicking doesn’t bring any options for me, and when I disconnect from the internet and reconnect, it sometimes stops counting data usage but continues with time and cost.

  4. That also means that when I start running it, I cannot close the application. I can only reset. its not visible even on the Task Manager, I will have to restart my computer. Is it just me?

  5. Which OS are you running? It would appear to be a problem with your OS.

  6. Windows 7

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