The Coming Disruption: Teen Knowledge Work

Dale Stephens is 19. If you or your business would like to consult with him for a day, his published rate on his website is $5,000. Imagine that, a 19 year old who is confident enough to charge Kshs 400,000/- a day for his consulting services.

Dale’s story is from an interesting articles titled The Coming Disruption: Teen Knowledge Work (click to read it).

The article describes the phenomenon that is young people (mostly barely out of their teens) are no longer getting employed but choose to try their hand at starting businesses. This is a very major change from just a generation ago when our parents would seek and hold on to jobs for most of their lives.

What do you think of this new trend? I’m all for it – instead of adding onto the high unemployment numbers, young people should instead try to create jobs – ama?

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  1. Me like that, working hard to be the next dude though am not a teen 🙂
    Kelvin, I plan to visit your office for one on one talk on how to market online. Hope you wont charge me 0.4m :), am just starting, utanimaliza ukiniitisha half M. :). All the same, I must be an employer, will talk to you soon.

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