Interesting Kenyan Sites #23

Ni Kuhama – of course this site is by Airtel as a way to market themselves. The thing that really makes it interesting for me is the quickness of execution in purchasing a whole other domain ( instead of using something like Kudos.

mamamealsonwheels a website that lets you order meals from a number of restaurants and then they deliver to your home or office; they also allow you to send shopping lists to them and they can do your shopping for you. First off, I must say that the design is spot on! Really well done. The business idea here is a good one and I hope and pray that these guys get the success they deserve.

natakanyumba – as the name says, these guys assist you in finding the nyumba that you want. It is often said that a website to help Kenya find real estate online is a massive opportunity that has not been adequately addressed. I personally do not like’s choice of colours but that is just an opinion. All in all the website is pretty well done. Let’s hope the execution to capture this market is just as good.

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  1. Interesting business concept for Mamamealsonwheels. I’m not sure I’d like anyone to do my shopping though, but bachelors would benefit from this one 🙂

  2. Mama wheels is pretty original. I like it

  3. mama wheels …nyyyyccceee

  4. I think safaricom also one of the best Kenyan Site

  5. Love the post! And you guys should definately check this site out: It belongs to a Kenyan web designer. Wawawawa!! Enough said!

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