How to Open a US Bank Account

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There are many reasons why one may want to open a US bank account, including wanting to withdraw money from PayPal. Now to open a US based bank account as a none US resident is still possible.

The only catch is that you cannot open it online, you have to physically go into the bank with your passport and a second form of identification eg your DL (no need for social security number if you tell them you are not a resident).

You then fill the forms AT THE BANK and you set up you internet banking details right there as thats where all your transaction Bank transfers etc will take place.

Once you are done you must deposit some money into the account immediately and you will walk out with you temporary ATM card. You then need a Kenyan address and a US address. The US address is where they will send the permanent ATM card within 10 days and other documentation whenever they need to as they wont send it out of the country. Once you have your ATM card and are going back to Kenya there is a number you will need to call to activate your card to work in Kenya. Make sure you get that number before you leave the bank.

This information is based on Bank of America. (Not all banks offer accounts to non residents living abroad). Their ATM cards work just fine in Kenya but it will cost you 5 bucks ($5) per use so be careful.

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  1. Thanks for this information. Am rather held in a tight spot now. I need money from my PayPal account [ $40] and I can’t just withdraw it. Anybody who can help. I mean I transfer the money to your account then you Mpesa it to my phone. Before valentine please.

  2. Hi Caleb,
    the right url is

  3. Currumbine says:

    Hi guys, I wana use the services of e-pay but Im abit hesitant – the guys are located in Mombasa – any used their services comfortably? Im asking coz Im lloking for a regular payment solution for my paypal payments. I have a verified paypal account that regularly gets monies.

    • George ndolo says:

      They used to be located in nbi but moved to msa recently. Their service level has always been high and reliable. Try them with smaller amounts first n see.

    • I have used them, you get your money in 24hrs but it costs you 16% of the amount +$3

  4. Oliver Barefoot says:

    Hi Kelvin

    How do you get to the US to open that account? Even if you had the money to pay for flight, how do you get the visa?

    • Well, I do not believe you can get a VISA just to go open an account. You need to find another way to get to the States and then open the account.

  5. Hallo Everyone,

    I have a paypal account and I withdraw money easily in my local bank.
    If you have money stuck in your paypal account, I can withdraw it for you at a small fee.
    I always offer my services. Smile now because you will be able to have your earned money from paypal right at your phone.

  6. I offer paypal withdrawal service. First you contact me through my email , then I give you the email to transfer funds to, after receiving your transfered dollars, I send you the amount that is what you have sent times 86 less 12%. the 12% is for the paypal service charge they will deduct when I am withdrawing, the 12% also covers for the MPESA sending fee and a little amount is my service fee.

    An example if you want to withdraw $ 10 dollars, that is 10×86= Ksh. 860 you will receive 860×88/100 = Ksh. 757 from me. Sending fee is 27 shilling and I dont charge on you, I also dont send withdrawing fee, that is on you. Thank you all.

    You can withdraw fromwherever you are or you can come where I am so that you transact and go with your cash if you fear.

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