How To Make Money Online – For Absolute Beginners

When we set up this website, one of our primary goals was to teach people what we knew about making money online. This continues to be our goal – we would love to teach as many of our fellow Kenyans as possible. Over the years (its now been tow years!), by and large, we have achieved this goal. We’ve helped grow many business and shared our thoughts and ideas with even more.

However, we feel that even this is not enough. We have not been able to adequately address the needs of a person who is very new to the whole idea of earning online. What is the easiest way to start? How do you start? What do you do? Where do you go? We would love to answer these questions for everyone. we would love even more to take every one of these people by the hand and show them what to do, and how.

Alas, things have changed since the time when we started this website. We now get mountains of email daily and it is just too much work to be able to address everyone individually. And as you are aware, our previous efforts largely failed. Yes, I am talking about Biashara 30.

But we have a plan!
We have been secretly developing a resource – you may even call it an online course – that is targeted at absolute beginners. The aim of this resource would be to act as something of guide that will teach what we feel is the easiest and fastest way to make money online if you are a beginner. Sounds interesting? Here is what it will cover:

First, I must say that we believe the easiest and fastest way for absolute beginners to make a significant amount of money online is to get an “online job”. This is what will be the focal point of the guide, specifically:

  1. Getting Started : Understanding the freelance world – international business hours, worldwide clients, international currencies, language problems, range of clients (professional and personal), working at home (separating your home and work lives)…
  2. Preparation for working online: Study yourself, your abilities, what you will/can and won’t/can’t do (working hours/days, combining skills, price range). Are you more specialised in languages, programming, graphics, marketing, media… Several sectors or specialised. Qualifications, experience, references… Skills requested online – a few examples of sectors.
  3. Your Presentation: Photo, logo, profile, message presentation, website…How to write, what to write (and what not to write!)
  4. Where to work
  5. Employer relations: Clarity, efficiency and cordiality (explaining relations and approach, the employer’s point of view)
  6. Getting paid : Payment (online payment methods, payment through freelancer websites and withdrawals)
  7. Protection and Security: Escrow, feedback, work samples, privacy policy
  8. Copyright issues
  9. Etc

Why did we chose for this guide to be about getting an online job? If you go any site that deals with only jobs –, or, or, or anything else – then you will find that these sites are vibrant markets and that people make significant amounts of money through them. We believe that when you are getting started, making money through such sites is the easiest way that you can go. It also opens your eyes to see what can be done online and you will be able to later transition to doing something else.

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  1. Phanice says:

    Hi kelvin am good in data entry, customer service, pliz assist coz am completely new in online jobs

  2. Making money online is not as the most people may think. When the most of everybody doing in the same way, there’s no profit or even less, there’s a lot of money to spend.

    If we talk about the Internet, we talk about UNLIMITED source of making money online, worldwide! Think out of the box, and so nothing is impossible! Luckily, I have seen this Youtube private video – – and it’s make me get inspired, I hope someones will get inspired too.

    And one more thing, having a website is the most important to do, especially to start making money online. Without a website, making money online is just like a salesman doing his door-to-door jobs.

  3. Hi Kevin, interesting read. I know having a website is important, but when i go to google analytics, there is the mention of conversion and goals. How does one achieve this and capture a niche market.

    • that section of analytics is used when trying to optimize your site Basically you set some goals and then analytics shows whether you achieve them

  4. on my earlier comment,change the website to the one mentioned above thanks


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