We are NOT PayPal!

Just this week, we have gotten over a dozen people calling us asking if they are talking to PayPal.

We write a lot about PayPal on Like Chapaa because it is useful to our readers but we are not PayPal and we do not represent them in any way. Dear readers, we appreciate receiving your calls (and your business) but we feel that we need to clarify this and stop these calls as some people get quite rude.

If you are looking for PayPal, please visit: www.paypal.com.

Also, before you call us, make sure that you are calling the right persons. Just because you read about a Company X on a certain website it does not mean that that website represents that Company X.

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  1. LOL

  2. Sarah Njagi says:

    I just got a business idea from this post, seems there are still so many kenyans that you can con.

  3. Elvis Ondieki says:

    Hey guys, can you please link me with anyone in Kenya who is willing to exchange my PayPal with M-Pesa? I’ll pay them for that. Thanks.

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