Kenya Police Website Hacked, Twice!

In what is turning out to be a rather bizarre story, the Kenya Police website was “hacked” earlier this week. Nothing too extraordinary, right? (Unfortunately government sites have been hacked before). This is what the site looked like when hacked:

Kenya Police Site Hacked

Exhibit A (click for larger)

In a very short period of time, the site was recovered and everything seemed back to normal. It looked like our boys in blue indeed do have the capacity to fight cyber crime, on their own ‘turf’ no less.

Until today. The hacker broke in again and did this:

Kenya Police Site Hacked

Exhibit B (click for larger)

So, yeah. The Kenya police website was broken into. Twice. In a time-frame of a few days. It makes me wonder whether the boys in blue really do take cyber security seriously. This time the hacker even exposed the admin password for the Kenya Police website. It seems the Kenya Police have really pissed someone off.

As Rad from SkunkWorks put it, “Just goes to show that being hacked is not a web server issue. it is a SECURITY issue!”

Update 6/1/2011
It appears that the website was hacked multiple times by multiple people. Read about it here. Looks like our coppers don’t know a damn thing about security…

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  1. shows how security is in kenya. The govt is too cheap

  2. These are the security apparatus we are entrusting with our lives and properties for safety? We are wrong! Someone somewhere should be sacked for this, but then again, this is Kenya! I wouldn’t be surprised if that website is manned by a certain secretary to a certain Asst. Police Commish, because its possible!

    Meanwhile, security head honchos from defense contractors like EADS, Boeing, BAE Systems, Finnemeccanica, Northrup-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin should be on their private jets to Kenya making a beeline to sell their system and software security stuff!

    Meanwhile, God Save Us!

  3. A pathetic job the police is doing. #thatisall

  4. I even sent the admin a wiki link on how to fix the security hole on the website and he didnt do anything. I sent him prove of the hack here: The password is: st0p0x5, but he didnt do anything.
    It the negligence why the site is being hacked.

  5. If your own watchman is being battered by thugs, you are next! Blue boys are used to carrying out operations and nubbing every walking creature in civilian clothes. This time, let’s see whether they step up to the game and come with their lorries to collect the hackers! It’s nobody’s business in there anyway, they are busy with the Hague Six!
    Kudos Hack bItCh

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