Print a Newspaper?

We all know the story: newspapers are dieing everywhere, and most likely will start dieing in Kenya soon. So why should anyone print a newspaper anymore? And more importantly, where would you get one printed? Isn’t the newsprint becoming obsolete like the old cassette tapes did? In one respect that is true, but in another, more valuable aspect for businesses, newsprint is even more important today.

With the advent of the internet, most people are getting their news from websites accessed through a keyboard and a screen or on the mobile phone. Since, for the most part, it is free, who wants to pay for a newspaper anymore? Hardly anyone. The daily newspapers are going out of business, but the uses for a publication that people can hold in their hands has not really diminished that much. And if a business can take advantage of this, the rewards can be great indeed!

Let me explain. People still like to read. They still like to get information. And having something to read that is on paper instead of the computer screen has not lost its appeal. If you hand someone a free newspaper, he will probably read through it. He just may not want to pay for it.

Take a business that wants to disseminate information about itself to clients, customers, and employees. Spam is so prevalent that most information sent by email is often lost, ignored, or disregarded. But put a newspaper in a person’s hands with articles about the company, new products, new services, and current products and services and people are a lot more apt to read it.

It is the niche market that can now benefit from printing a newspaper. A church can deliver a message to the community through a newspaper, and a business can keep potential customers updated on exciting products and helpful information. Imagine having an 8 page newspaper filled with articles relating directly to your area of expertise. Imagine these newspapers sent to clients, customers, or even lying around in waiting rooms across your city. Imagine the name recognition. Imagine the marketing potential!

Every business can benefit from publishing a newspaper. It can replace expensive newsletters. It can generate cash flow. It can cover its own costs by selling advertisements in it. It can disseminate much more pertinent information. It can capture potential customers attention in ways that a typical ad or short newsletter could never do! It is perfect!

Publish a newspaper and be one step ahead of the competition! Get your message out!

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