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DukaPress cart imageA little while ago, we released DukaPress 2.0 into the world. DukaPress version 2.0 is a long way from the first version of DukaPress that we created all the way back in July. A lot of things have changed since then and the experience of running DukaPress has been absolutely amazing.

First off, what is DukaPress? Well, DukaPress is an e-commerce platform i.e. it is a tool that you can use to build your own online shop. DukaPress natively includes features tailored to the local (Kenyan) scene (e.g. accepting payments by MPESA, ZAP, yu Cash, or even Orange Money). DukaPress is also free to use and love.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about DukaPress is that when we launched it, we were thinking that it would be mainly for Kenyans. As it turns out, very few Kenyans use DukaPress and it has instead been very well accepted by people from other countries. Does that say anything about us Kenyans?

We launched DukaPress nearly six month ago and since then:

  • DukaPress has been downloaded 5,904 times as of today.
  • DukaPress has grown from strength to strength by acquiring new features, mainly driven by feedback from people just like you
  • The latest version of DukaPress can be easily translated into any language. It comes with an included translation into Swahili by default. We are very proud of the Swahili translation, even though it feels more like Sheng.
  • Many, many beautiful sites have been built using DukaPress. Here are a few of those.
  • Perhaps most importantly, people seem to genuinely like DukaPress going by the nice encouraging emails that we receive. Thank you!

The very idea of creating DukaPress was born via our interaction with Like Chapaa readers just like you. We want to thank you for this. We want to thank everyone for helping us make DukaPress something that gives us much pride.

What does 2011 hold for DukaPress?

  1. In an effort to make DukaPress a more independent business unit, we setup a software shop where you can purchase specialized tools for DukaPress. We will continue to add more software to this shop.
  2. We have made and released two themes for DukaPress (called TwentyShop and Mwendo). In 2011, we shall release more of these and hopefully open up another shop that sells DukaPress Themes.
  3. We’re working with some partners – and we’ll probably be hiring web developers – to set up a business unit that deals only in support and customisation of DukaPress based sites. There seems to be some demand for this. Would you be interested in working for us?

As we continue the DukaPress journey, we want to thank you very much for all the support and well wishes. May God bless you and may you have an amazing 2011!

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