5 Signs That Mean You Need a New Job

In any job, there are certain signs which predict future dissatisfaction with one’s career. Here are five of these good indicators that it could be time to move on to a new employment opportunity:

1. You do not earn what you deserve
If you are performing the work of multiple employees, across multiple skill sets, you may be better off being self-employed. The hours can be longer, yet the compensation can be significantly higher when you are the boss. If you are not earning what you deserve, then you may wish to consider a second job, or a different job entirely.

2. Your current job no longer challenges you
A dead-end job can be tiring, exhausting, and stressful once it does not demand your peak performance. This can spill over into other aspects of your life, affecting them to your detriment if you are not careful. If advancement, additional duties, or other changes to keep you fresh are not available, then other employment can be highly beneficial for multiple aspects of your life.

3. You no longer get meaning from the work you perform
When your work environment no longer satisfies the deepest parts of your personality, it could be an indicator that you need to be working elsewhere. People change and grow over time, and if you have outgrown your job, or need more satisfaction from the results you contribute, then a change could be just the thing to keep you stimulated, engaged, and ready to tackle new challenges. Work is a big part of one’s life, and without meaning, it can be a hollow victory, even if everything else goes well.

4. You do not get added career enhancements from working there
A great job should provide you with more than just a paycheck. Additional skills, new experiences, and even new contacts can all be valuable assets in your career progression. If your current job offers none of these, then it may be time to re-evaluate your current working situation.

5. You have problems with the people at work
People problems can range from challenges with customers, all the way to issues with coworkers, bosses, and others. Sometimes, a clash of incompatible cultures is no one’s fault. However, if you have tried your best to resolve the issues, and yet they seem to be getting worse instead of getting better, then a change may be in everyone’s best interests, before things really get out of hand.

Therefore, if your current job does not pay you what it should; if it no longer challenges you or provides meaning; if you get no career benefits from working there; or if the people you work with are no longer a good fit; then it could be worth examining the other opportunities available to you. Then, whether you decide to take on a second job, or switch to a different job completely, it is more likely that you will be happier in the future.

Why starting a business is better than getting a job
It’s much better in the long run to build your own business, build your own list of contacts, employ others to work for you, control the fruits of your labor, but this path doesn’t usually mean an instant paycheck. The revenue comes later.

So if it’s otherwise a clear choice to start one’s own business instead of working for someone else, why would someone choose the latter? The main reason is urgency. If you need an extra 10,000 per month right now, you’re going to go out to get a part-time job because once you’re hired, the paychecks usually come in. If you don’t need an extra 10,000 per month right this moment to cover your current expenses, but instead want to improve your income and diversify your revenue streams, then it will likely be more profitable to build a business yourself than to support and build someone else’s business. This is the track you can take if you don’t need the extra income urgently.

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  1. It’s like you were speaking right to me…

  2. a salary stays the same and increases very slowly over time. With youir own business the reurns could be low at the begining but the curve could take an exponential turn upwards, true for start ups..

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