2011 Should Be “The Year” For You

Do you remember a time when a concept known as ‘job security’ actually existed? I’m not sure anyone even uses that term anymore.

Then there’s the reality that a vast number of our politicians appear to believe the public is a horde of mindless cattle whose only function is to be made empty promises and milked for everything they’re worth until their dried-out carcasses are ground into fertilizer. There’s also the fact that in a democracy the public elects precisely the politicians that it deserves. And if the public appoints a parade of idiots and flimflam men to mind the cash register, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

If 2010 was bad for you, then I humbly suggest that 2011 will be worse. Unless you do something about it. I recommend that whatever new years plans you are making, they better be plans of how you will fight tooth and nail to ensure that 2011 is a good year for you. It has to be the year that ou achieve something you can show the world and be proud of. Get busy and start planning on how to do this – if you’ve got a list of skills you need to acquire, you better get busy acquiring them.

If you do nothing else make sure that you learn how to MAKE ONE SHILLING. Make sure you know how to PROVE it. And make sure you discipline yourself to reinvest that shilling. Most people think that having a job working for a big company is proof of the ability to make one shilling. Actually it’s only proof of having wrenched one shilling from the corporate udder.

Right now unemployment is probably ~40%. Let’s say it goes up to 50%. This means that people will get more desperate. It means that if you have the ability to make one shilling and prove it, you’ll have 600 people lined up eager to work for/with you.

Will you be the one looking for a job, or the one looking at job applications and hiring the cream of the land?

It is up to you. May you have a prosperous 2011.

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