Very Cool: Safaricom Annual Report 2010

The Safaricom annual report for 2010 is available online. Why are we writing about it on Like Chapaa, you ask? We dislike like Safaricom just as much as the next guy, but we have to give credit where it is due.

Before any further talk, have a look at the Safaricom Annual Report 2010.

I’ve personally never even seen company reports that look so good. Let alone a Kenyan company. Safaricom, you did well, very well. Kudos! More of the same innovation, creativity and ingenuity, please.

Are you a Safaricom shareholder? Aren’t you proud!

PS: Thanks to SkunkWorks for pointing this out.

Update: It appears that this is nothing new, Zain had one just like it: Zain Annual Report.

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