Screw it, Just do it

Over the weekend, I had the good fortune to to have a very interesting conversation with a very successful Internet entrepreneur (he makes upwards of 2 million Euros a year from his websites). This fine gentleman told me something that really got to me.

While I was telling him that I have not yet launched the project I am currently working on because of X or Y, he cut me short and said:

“That’s not being entrepreneurial. You should just start! Before you begin anything you actually do not have any problems – do not think of how this or that may go wrong. The only thing that is wrong is that you have not yet started doing it (your project). And the only way to know if there are actually any problems that need fixing is to start doing something, not planning endlessly. As they say: Screw it, Just do it.

Sir Richard Branson wrote a book titled: “Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life“. Is that a coincidence? Or are both of these successful gentlemen trying to share on of the secrets to their successes? If you are thinking of starting something – a new project, a new business, whatever – then just go ahead and do it. Stop dilly-dallying and wasting time. Just do it.


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  1. Tranx, so your not giving us details of who the guy was that you met? anyway, i love the title and the meaning it has. Sounds like a veeeery naughty venture your interested in… just kiddin… thanks for the post!

  2. Ken Thumbi says:

    Ahhh Richard Branson, you must have read his first book, ‘Loosing My Virginity’, I too went through the stage of reading such literature which includes Rich Dad poor dad, and Robert’s other book, etc, etc.
    A philosopher colleague asked me a very simple question, how many people ever got rich from reading such literature besides the author? hmmmm, well, if I may recommend an interesting read, try ‘The Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell… a very interesting eye opener…

    • There is this saying that goes “the are two things which make a man: the books he reads and the people he meets”. In that light, I do not think that books can make you succeed by themselves, but they build on your capacity to succeed, and that is why they are important.

  3. Ken Thumbi, attitude is a little thing that makes the world of difference.

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