PayPal Stops Working For Equity Account Holders

In what may be a bizzarre outcome following the rumours that PayPal and Equity have been working together for a more streamlined service, holders of Equity bank accounts can no longer pay via PayPal by using their Equity debit/credit cards.

We’re not sure why Equity Bank decided to block payments to PayPal but this probably means that PayPal account holders in Kenya will continue to suffer (by not being able to withdraw to a local bank) for the foreseeable future.

What do you think of this development?

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  1. Equity systems are down,once they are back up I think the paypal will also work

  2. is there any news so far on equity’s systems

  3. I had been using my equity debit card directly and through Paypal to pay for hosting and adwords from Nov 2009 until July when they told me to add another card, ie my bank didnt allow such transactions. I tried again this December it failed again. I Nowadays use my National Bank Debit Card Directly and it works fine.

  4. Guys use coop Bank Debit Cards, YEah account is free. Call the bank or go to their card centre and tell them you want to be able to use your card online. That is what i did and so far there is no problem.

  5. Yup 2011 March and Equity still does not allow transactions with Paypal …. How disappointing. Seems i’ll now have to register an account with co-op bank just so i can buy stuff online using paypal.


  6. am trying to get those online jobs for writing and one of the requirements is to have a pay pal account. you guys seem to be very familiar with this. can some one guide me? will i be able to receive payments using pay pal?

    • Yes Carol. Simply go to and open an account with your details and receive the payment. However, you can’t withdraw the funds in your Kenyan bank. Read the quality articles around and know how you can withdraw via other ways.

  7. how do i withdraw my cash from paypal account in kenya? i do not have any US bank account.

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