Interesting Kenyan Sites #15 – this is a group marketing tool that features heavily discounted deals for products and services from various industries. It is yet another Kenyan “deals” website made in the mould of Groupon. Though the site lacks somewhat in content, I find it to be very well designed and the people behind it seem to have a solid plan on social media marketing. Kudos and good luck to them.

GotIssuez this is a place where you can rant and rate issues that affect you. It is a nice idea, eh? If Safaricom, or KPLC, or anyone elses pisses you off, you can talk about it at gotissuez. Really nice idea and well executed, so far. I only displike the design a little bit.

Elma – we wrote about Elma a while back. While I really like what Elma promises to offer, I don’t really like their website. The design is okay, but I feel they can (and should) have put more effort into making the site more interactive. They are, after all, collecting people’s views – they should have made all of the user-generated content available online (right now they only display a selection of the latest ‘wishes’). I feel that their objectives may have been better served with a more interactive and ‘social’ experience (and this could easily be achievable by making all the user ‘wishes’ available and enabling people to comment on them. Still, good effort.

KwaSwa – these guys are web designers offering to make you a site for Kshs 7,500/-. However, I find their own website to be a little lacking. For instance, this page is currently inexistent even though it is a prominent link on their site. I would also argue that since they are web designers, their site should more visually appealing. – I presume this is Churchill’s (the comedian) website. It is currently down and has been down for a while. Somebody isn’t taking care of the site…

Churchill Kenya fail

Churchill fail (click for larger image)

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  1. Thanks kelvin for the mention. We appreciate all feedback we get, and the publicity too.

    Quick question, what part of the design didn’t you like? was it on the mobile version ( or the main version (

    We’re relaunching with new features for next year, so making it better (as always) is a top priority.

    Once again,

  2. check out DataMaxKenya.Com

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