Interesting Kenyan Sites #12 – this a Kenyan site made in the mould of that offers deals whereby you can buy stuff at discounted prices. I must say that the site looks to be made exceptionally well. Kudos to the guys behind this! We wish them success in their new business.

Inside Kampus – this site (from what we can tell) is trying to be a portal for campuses in Kenya. The site is well made and, while it is low on content at the moment, if done well could be a good success. Good job, and good luck to the people behind it – and please populate your site soon. – Niaje is a source for local celeb news from the same guys behind its a good attempt and we feel that they are just getting started. We cannot wait to see it filled up with more content – we hope that, unlike the competition, the site will really focus on being local, and not just the “big” names.

What could have been…
Taxi Match – Taxi Match was a site – and business – that literally formed before my eyes during the IPO48 event in Kenya. Taxi Match was so good that it won Second Place at IPO48. If you ask me, the guys behind it did a very good job in building the site, and the business. The site is based on a service that connects anyone in Nairobi to a good, experienced and trustworthy taxi driver at any time, day or night. Rumour has it that the people behind Taxi Match will not be pursuing the business further. What a shame, eh? Good job all the same!

The Department of Immigration – it is quite shameful to have a government website offline due to a technical issue. It is unacceptable that it be offline for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, the website of the Department of Immigration has been offline for at least a week now. Surely the government of Kenya has enough resources at its disposal to fix this? Right? Fail.

The Kenya Department of Immigration

The Kenya Department of Immigration (click to see larger)

What do you think of this week’s interesting sites?

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