The Richest Man in Babylon (Free Book Inside)

The Richest Man in Babylon is the kind of book that I would give/recommend to anyone regardless if their interest is outside of business/finance. Since finance can seem daunting these days due to its complexity, the book simplifies it through short stories. The insights that it provides allows me to step back and look at finance in simple terms. It opened up my eyes by introducing new possibilities, and adds positive reinforcements as to what a person can achieve in her lifetime. The wisdom that the book teaches is financially enlightening and it can change how you view your finance in many ways. Although the messages are delivered in a very unique fashion, the underlying nuggets of wisdom are direct and concisely to the point.

Clason, the book’s author, uses parables set in Babylon to make his points throughout the book. One chapter does a really great job of encompassing several financial points, The Five Laws of Gold. Each of the five laws are very simple and if used can work wonders in building your wealth.

The Five Laws of Gold

  1. Gold comes gladly and in increasing quantity to any man who will put aside 10% of all he earns to build an estate for his family and future.
  2. Gold labours diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds it profitable employment.
  3. Gold clings to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in its handling.
  4. Gold slips away from the man who invests it in businesses that he is not familiar or is not approved by those skilled in its keep.
  5. Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings or who follows the advice of tricksters or schemers or who trusts it to his own inexperience and romantic desires in investment.

The concepts in the book may be a refresher to individuals who already has a solid grasp of their finance, but nonetheless, it solidifies what you already know in many ways. This is a book that I can refer back to time and time again. If you apply some of the concepts that are presented in this book to your life, you will definitely be on your way to financial freedom. If I can sum up the book in one word, it would be “refreshing.” I recommend this book to everyone regardless of your interest or age. Read, apply, then repeat.

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  1. Haven’t read the book yet but i am very interested in learning those insights, especially at this time. Like Chapaa, can i have a copy?

    I am thinking of a regularized savings and investment scheme too instead of waiting for opportunities here and there to put in money.


  2. I have read the book on and now need a PC version of it. I need to read it while in the office on my computer

  3. I have read the book and i must say the book is a real eye opener. you will love the story about Arkad, the richest man in Babylon

  4. Seems like an interesting read and an eyeopener with regards to looking at life from a different perspective. Really love to get hold of a copy.

  5. You’re all winners! Thanks for participating.

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