Some Interesting Kenyan Sites #7

Nairobi Swahili – this is the website of one Oloo, a Swahili teacher in Nairobi. I think the site is very well done and a rare gem in the (sometimes shocking) Kenyan web design industry. The site is pleasing to look at and does a good job of selling Mr. Oloo’s Swahili courses. Kudos to him, and the web designers.

Mara Enkipai – there’s a big drive to “sell Kenyan tourism” online spearheaded by the government. The sad truth is that 99% of all tourism related sites in Kenya are rather shoddy jobs that may actually detract from Kenya’s image. This is NOT the case with Mara Enkipai – the site is extremely well done and something that I’d be proud for people all over the world to see as the first glimpse of what Kenya has to offer. May other tour firms and operators follow suit!

Kenya Teachers’ Service Commission – for an organisation as big as the TSC, this is a pretty shameful site – it looks unfinished and the design, well, is poor at best. It looks more like a student’s high school project than a professionally done website of a national organisation.

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  1. Richard Obiero says:

    The TSC website is just a national shame. Forgive them because you will notice from the copyright notice that they are still 6 years behind. What is interesting is that the design job may have been advertised through a tender. I can bet that qualified firms and guys submitted their tenders but some corrupt guy may have claimed he has a son who is a genius in IT and can make a website for them or probably they went for the “GET A WEBSITE AT 3K” guys. What a shame!

  2. Thanks for the Mara Enkipai praise.

  3. I Cant signup likechapaa! Wots the problem?


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