PayPal Investing in Kenya

While idly browsing the net, I noticed something very, very interesting today:

A Google Adsense Advert by PayPal Kenya

A Google Adsense Advert by PayPal Kenya

That is an advert done by PayPal to market their “PayPal Kenya” website offering PayPal services to Kenya. This means that:

  1. PayPal is actually putting money into marketing its offering to Kenyans
  2. PayPal would not be investing money if they had no long-term interests in Kenya. This may mean that the PayPal service will improve to the point of us being able to withdraw from PayPal to Kenyan bank accounts.
  3. Local online money services such as PesaPal should start thinking of how they will compete with the 800 pound gorilla that is PayPal.
  4. We live in interesting times!

What do you make of this?

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  1. Guessing next will be paypal and mpesa

  2. break through. the biggest hurdle to getting online payments will have been cleared. If those small pay solutions don’t step up they are done.

  3. This is really interesting news for e commerce in Kenya. I hope that PayPal works out a deal with a Kenyan bank to enable us Kenyans to sell online soon.Thanks for sharing this.

  4. James Madepe says:

    Stupid Kenyans will not support a Kenyan company they would rather go with paypal…and u wonder why the white man calls u stupid?

    • It is not about supporting anything over a Kenyan company….. what do you do when your clients only *can* pay you via PayPal? Even worse, what do you do when they go ahead and send money to you via PayPal without even checking with you first? If anyone is doing online business internationally it is pretty hard to evade PayPal. We’d all love to use PesaPal or some local solution but sometimes one just cannot do so!

  5. mmmmh! 🙂 can’t wait for it myself. Its long overdue.


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