Interesting Kenyan Sites #9

Zynde – I must say this is a very well executed site. The design looks sharp and it just seems to “work” (unlike many things Kenyan). The site works a lot like in that it helps you manage your money better (but is very local, with the inclusion of things like NHIF, etc). Give it a try 😉 – nice site name! To me, this site is impressive. Not only is it offering a service that is very much in need but it is also pretty well designed and it inspires confidence. The site allows you to quickly and easily send money to Kenyan mobile phones. Nice, eh? Why would you need Western Union? Kudos to whoever is behind!

NHIF – while I personally do not really like the design of the NHIF website, I know that this may be due to my own personal taste. I think the site is pretty good, though – it presents the NHIF as an organisation I would want to deal with. One of the very few Kenyan government related sites that I can call good!

50-50 – no this has nothing to do with sports. It is a dating site, a Kenyan dating site. I almost put it as a flop but on account of the really good design I put it as 50-50. However, for a dating site, I would think it would be in their interests to showcase the already existing members so as to entice other singles to join (right now we have no way of knowing if the site is deserted).

The Kenyan Ministry of Education – in the words of Ian Mbugua, this website is nothing short of pathetic. The use of colour may be passable, even good, but the very fact that some parts of the site pages seem broken – it looks like it is a “work in progress” – make this a huge fail in my eyes. I know the Ministry must have paid someone a lot of money for this, which is a crying shame because I know tens of people who could have done a much better job for much less.

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  1. Govt sites are always horrible. They dont even reply to online inquiries!

  2. Funny thing with Kenyan government websites is that they never disappoint in disappointing. #seriously

  3. Looks like Gov sites are really starting to step up their game. I remember KRA’s site was stuck in the 90s but now, they’ve made some improvements. Nhif & Nssf have also done a few tweaks.

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