Business Idea Generation in 5 Easy Steps

I read something interesting from Ramit Sethi:

The myth of the Perfect Idea takes two seemingly opposite forms.

  1. “Waaaah, I hate being broke, but I have no skills or ideas for making more money!” “My boss is such a @$#@* but there’s nothing else I can do.”
  2. “But I have a MILLION good ideas! Just don’t know where to start… website? iPhone apps (even though I don’t code)? Guitar lessons? Personal chef?”

Your idea is a lot less important than you think it is, and here’s why.

Your ideas are worthless.

The true value of your idea comes to life when you execute.

Have you ever heard anyone say “Man, if only I had been the one to come up with that Google idea… I’d be one of those billionaire guys by now!” Uh. Think again. Your idea is just meaningless thoughts until you can bring it to life with impeccable execution.

Likewise, even a highly IMPERFECT idea can yield profitable and satisfying results with great execution.

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