Biashara 30 Confessions II

Does anyone else like that Usher song, Confessions II? Well, I love it! And, keeping with the spirit of that song, here are our Biashara 30 (Season 2) confessions….

What is Biashara 30?
Biashara30 is a premium club meant for people interested in making money online. People who join Biashara30 will learn everything we know about making money online and, to complete the program, will be required to set up an internet business either as a group project or alone. A very important part of Biashara30 is ensuring that everyone who participates earns online before the end of the program. At every step, we will be on hand to guide and advise the members of Biashara30.

Some Background Info
At the beginning of this year, we accepted about 20 people into the second season of Biashara 30. We received well over 150 applications to the program and decided to pick 20 or so of what we felt were the best presented applications.

And, honestly, the people of Biashara 30 Season 2 were pretty amazing. At the beginning of the program, I felt very confident that we’d have lots of fun and that someone (lots of someones) would make some money!

Sad Happenings
Sadly, things did not turn out the way I had hoped. Slowly, the whole thing degenerated into the oblivion of inactivity. Biashara 30 Season 2 was not successful. Why?

  1. At the start of the program, myself and wham (we run Like Chapaa and Biashara 30) unfortunately got a really huge job that we just could not pass up. This meant that we could not participate as directly as we wished we could.
  2. A good number of the Biashara 30 Season 2 participants were simply inactive. It beats me why you would take the time and energy to apply and then never even show up.
  3. With all due respect to all Biashara 30 Season 2 participants, I would say that in general I felt a lack of sufficient focus and sense of purpose. I am willing to say that this was in part our fault in that we suddenly did not have enough time to spend on the program. I feel that, ultimately, the buck stops with you if you want to earn more money online or elsewhere.
  4. I do not know how to put this last point respectfully. I apologise if anyone feels badly for this. I had various one-on-one chats with the Biashara 30 Season 2 participants and while some of them were simply unimaginably amazing, some were less amazing than others. Let me give an example, one participant wanted an online shop, of sorts, and we helped that participant get a domain name and gave that participant free webhosting and even helped set up the website for that participant. These are things we charge for daily but they are available free for B30 guys and gals. I would have imagined that giving so generously that the participant would have gone on to do great things with the new shop. But no, the participant always came back to us in a situation which turned out to be sort of us doing all the work for the participant. I don’t appreciate laziness, and B30 will never spoonfeed anyone.

Some Thoughts

  1. We have to rethink the whole approach to B30. It is easy to sit back and blame the participants for two failed attempts but I realise that this is more likely an indicator that something is fundamentally wrong with how we handle the program. We have to find a better easier and more efficient way of transferring knowledge from us into other people.
  2. It seems to me that there is something of a general attitude problem in our great country. People very often have grand ideas and the skills to match them but they end up doing nothing at all with that. It almost feels like people (especially those wanting to earn more) read all these books and websites and…..instead of actually trying to do something, they seek yet more information and read more stuff and never do anything about it.
  3. The expectation of spoon feeding is a serious problem. People are looking for silver bullets and magic formulae instead of being ready to do real and hard work.
  4. There probably needs to be some “real life” (offline) element to B30 to make it feel more real to the participants.

Some Good News
So, was there any success story from this edition of B30? Well, yes:

  • The seeds for DukaPress were sown during Biashara 30 Season 2 as there was a lot of talk on online shops. In fact, we build DukaPress so as to enable ordinary people in our great nation to set up online shops that just work easily and quickly and be able to work with local currencies and akina MPESA. DukaPress has gone on to make wham and I lots money, too. 🙂
  • One of the Biashara 30 Season 2 participants, Crystal, continues to amaze me with her hard work and “get-it-done” attitude. I can testify that she makes lots of money online! Though I would not say that B30 helped her achieve this. It is more a case of a dedicated individual following her passion and her dreams to fruition.

The Future & Biashara 30 Season 3
So we just laid it bare for you to see. Biashara30 1 and Biashara30 2 both failed to achieve my own personal goals for the program.

However, my dear readers, we know how to make money online. We do make money online. We believe firmly that we should all be making money online and it can be a significant force in helping even just one person in our nation earn more and live a better life. We believe in helping people. We, therefore, are preparing to go through all this again. Yes, Biashara 30 season 3 is coming soon. Would you participate? Do you know anyone who would?

Since B30 Season 2, we have spent a lot of time soul searching and thinking of how to deliver a better program. We feel that we are now ready to try again. Here are some of our thoughts:

  1. B30 Season 3 will be even more selective. We only want to work with people who won’t end up to be a waste of time for us.
  2. We’re thinking of hiring someone to lead the program so that if we get another big job, it will not impact on the program negatively.
  3. The focus of B30 Season 3 will be on the three easiest ways of earning (that we have identified) money and we hope that by the end of the program, everyone will have made money online, or elsewhere.

But We Need Your Help
We realise that we are not authorities in anything. We need your ideas and input on how to make this thing better. How do we solve the problems identified above? Please help us by commenting below.

Are you an aspiring applicant? Would you please share your ideas, questions or queries with us by leaving a comment below?

Is anyone out there willing to help us run this thing? Please leave a comment below.

How To for B30 Season 3
We have not yet put up the application form. However, the application process starts TODAY! If you want to participate in Biashara 30, Season 3, you have to leave a comment here on this article. The comment should not be telling us why we should pick you, it can be anything else that is relevant. Remember that if you do not leave a comment here, you have no chance of joining B30 Season 3. Good luck!

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  1. Kunule Imbayi says:

    This is disappointing, especially to learn that guys applied for B30 2 and never had any commitment. We need to stop being a “check this out” nation. Why join a program or a venture just to check it out. And again, we should drop the Zuckerberg mentality, a lot of people are yet to make a scratch on online earnings because they are frustrated that they haven’t made a million shillings in the first 3 days. Going forward, B30 3 should really focus on the quality on the participants, you don’t get in just because you filled a from or left a comment! There are ways in which you can end up with committed folks, one of which is to identify guys who already have gigs at infancy level and build on that. If again you go for “Tabula Rasa” participants, prepare your ink for another post on the failures of B30 3.

    • Thank you for this! My sentiments exactly. Except – we would just LOVE to make B30 open for all (because everyone deserves a chance, ama?).

      Also, who are we to judge the “potential” of any person, and how does one even do that accurately? This is a real head-scratcher for us.

      However I do realise that while we may want to work with just about anyone, we cannot due to: 1. It’ll be too much work and 2. The chances of success go down the more the participants are.

      There’s no easy answers here 🙁

  2. hi kelvin,on my side i think it all boils down to taking a risk,passion for what ou want but dont give up on kenyans,i prefer those who applied and never did anything to those who never tried even applying for B30 2.i know am one of those who never did something serious but i hope this time i create something for me i think i want a one on one approach.have my idea,we hook up,discuss it,come up with a plan,costs,resources needed and timeplan then we work on it.this is ray by the way so ill be contacting you soon.And to the rest i have seen all the effort kelvin has put in,lets not disappoint him.I trust that you can make money online even if you have a fulltime job like me,so no excuses.I have an idea,kelvin n i will contact u soon.

  3. Don’t think of it as disappointing, everything has its learning curve. You now know that participants need to have the passion and drive, if they don’t then they’ll fall off the wagon even before its started moving. I still think the B30 concept is great so you guys should keep keeping on…

  4. As much as you feel that something went wrong with how you handled the program for the two seasons of B30, the participants should also be made responsible. If you did not use face to face approach, I feel you should try it. It imparts more confidence and definitely will yield loyalty results

  5. Ouch… Pole. I can feel the disappointment in your words. Nevertheless, u now know better and am sure the change u will make will bring your vision to fruition. This thing we call failure has nothing to do with falling…but everything to do with staying down. My take, nothing worthwhile, absolutely nothing worthwhile comes on a silver platter. The first time I read about B30, I thought it was a great idea. I still think it is. It is meeting a need and providing a platform for many to earn their living. As long as u keep the passion and the dream, there will be a way.

  6. Hi Kelvin,
    I feel your sentiments on a personal level. This is because I was a participant in Biashara 30 II. I feel that the program wasn’t successful because some participants didn’t share the passion and determination that other participants had. I agree that the vetting should be more comprehensive and would like to suggest that there be the identification of a person’s strengths according to the opportunities open to them. This will enable each participant to fully gain from the impending Biashara program. I would also suggest that, if possible, there be a suitable number of guiders regarding different project assignments. I think this will keep participants involved. I think personal drive, determination, resilience and hardwork are most key. I believe Biashara 30 III will be a success when all hold these traits dear.

    • Hey Dixon. Thank you so much for the comment, and for participating in B30 II. Your comment is very interesting and thought-provoking. Do you have thoughts on how to implement a more comprehensive vetting system? How do we do that?

  7. Winners ain’t quitters. Rise up wipe off the dust and let the passion in you drive you. Lets make money!

  8. Muthoni Kabeberi says:

    Kevin, I have only today come across this blog. I cannot believe I have missed season 1 n 2 (….maybe 3 as well????) of biashara30. Anyway I think this is what some of us online wannabes just need. How do I get to know of the next season in the offing? How do I apply and is it still free. Muthoni

  9. Hi Kevin,
    I think the physical school system has taken its toll on Kenyans. It hard for many to keep up with and appreciate a class without walls- an online one! May be you could consider meeting the participants once in a while physically, to help them slowly precipitate from the old school mentality. Additionally, please don’t you give up on helping one more kenyan on e-gold mining! So long.

  10. Hi guys, I must admit that I am VERY impressed with what you are doing!! I came across this your marvelous blog again most recently as I was researching on how one can receive online payments from Kenya and if I could use Pay-pal and I haven’t left since!! Your articles have guided me to kick start my online ventures (which I am tirelessly working on), I most recently started ThaBizzKid blog at WordPress!! Biashara 30 is such a GREAT project, if I think Kenyans are not fully aware of the power in their hands.Kunule has a point… My prayer is that you find ways of making it work!!! Is season 3 still on by the way? Its been awfully quiet here i must say…
    Well, let me get back to work and once again, KUDOS!! 😀

  11. it is disappointing to hear that B30 I and II were not a success as earlier expected.I believe that B30 needs fully committed individials who are focused on the objectives of the program..that is making money online.I would be interested in participating in season three.thanx

  12. Hi,
    I have followed your Biashara 30 confessions and updates and I must admit I am pretty impressed. Despite its low turnover in terms of expected results I believe a little restructuring will achieve what was initially the plan.I have a few pointers that could save this project. Hopefully they will also leverage me into participating in it.
    First off, I think you should make the participants more interactive and accountable. Think of it like the Apprentice but an e-based version. The best way for these guys to gain focus is for you to give them

    a.) a set of basic e-business and freelancing skills based on their strengths to get them as far as they can as beginners. This should then help them create professional identities which later on may imply that teams can be formed to enable them to also develop skills in handling e-business within organizational systems.

    b) special tasks/projects to accomplish which can be set up in a way that good performance is rewarded in a way (e.g being given priviledges in the program or the top 3 finalists in the program can get some prizes that will catapult their e-careers) and underperformance either sees the participant move back to a lower level in the program(like retraining) or evicted. (kind of like probation and eviction in big brother)

    c) And last but not least you need to organize actual face to face meet ups with the participants whose dates/intervals should be set and outlined before the program begins so that those who do not attend are liable for disciplinary measures. The value of actual physical interaction is priceless in getting the commitment, cooperation and enthusiasm of participants. It can also help you gauge if you have jokers or serious guys.


    • Thank you for such insightful comments!!

      I’m hoping we can have season 3 underway soon. It will be VERY different fromthe previous two and I am confident that this time we’ll achieve our goals.

  13. You sound genuine. I d like to join

  14. anto2012 says:

    Hi Kelvin, think each participant STRENGS, WEAKNESS , OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS should be evaluated and from this analysis, each participant can be assigned specific tasks that he/she will most likely accomplish succesfully. I hope to be in season 3.

  15. hi, i have read about season 1 and 2 and how they were near-failures. it’s a good thing that you were able to pinpoint some mistakes committed earlier, as this will enable you to perform better in the next venture.
    i am imagining that the previous participants had other commitments which they thought were more lucrative (and i dont blame them coz it’s human nature), or maybe they had their expectations set elsewhere. maybe i could suggest that you increase the number of applicants who qualify, so that after the defectors have left, you are still left with a reasonable number of participants.

  16. ‘The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart’. If you decide to do something in life and dedicate your life to it, success will be inevitable.

  17. Peter Kamau says:

    Am interested in joining the 3rd season I have an existing website and a mobile version

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