What Successful Companies Do Differently

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To be frank – your best clients and your easiest jobs – I don’t want. We don’t look for typical clients looking to build a website or implement some online marketing. We turn down all requests that come our way.

Here Is The Goldmine I’ve Discovered…
Create “products” for niche markets and sell them to the masses of small businesses who are eager to buy them.

We’ve perfected the formula. It goes like this. Pick a niche. Develop something that works and passes the following test:

  1. It is simple and inexpensive to produce
  2. It can be priced to produce a killer profit
  3. It can be marketed like crazy

Successful Businesses Create Niches Where They Don’t Exist
Most businesses are the same company with different owners and a different name and logo. They’re all chasing after the same prospects and leads with the same marketing and sales methods and the same products.

Successful businesses, on the other hand, sell a different type of product or service. They are not carbon copies of their competitors. They have found a different type of product or service to sell to their clients.

  • Maybe they add something to their product to make it different from what everything else sells
  • They sell their service as a premium version of the commodity that everyone else sells, since it is unique
  • They are able to control the price as their product/service is unique

Do SOMETHING different than everyone else. Usually that involves the product or service that you sell. When you dig real deep, it might be the same type of thing that your competitor is selling. However, successful businesses have done something different – made it more special somehow. Once you do that, it’s easier to sell, you can make more money, and you don’t have to struggle to reach a hotly contested market. Why stay in the shark-infested waters when you can seek out the deep blue ocean?

For example, if you run a web design company, or if you do web design on a freelance basis, do you really think you can compete in today’s market? Everybody and their mother is a web designer nowadays! If you run your business just like every other web designer out there you will be dead in a few months. You have to be smart. So be smart. Be different.

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