Interesting Kenyan Sites #5

Cheki – I remember a while back when a friend of mine told me it took two months for him to find and buy a good car in Kenya. This is because he had to spend time going physically to various used cars sales ‘bazaars’. It was clear back then that Kenya needed a large site where people can buy/sell any type of car. Cheki looks to be that site!

Baba Watoto – “BabaWatoto is the most valuable kenyan site to us out here (outside Kenyan – the so called ‘diaspora’) we can do practically anything in Kenya without leaving my computer!” – Mbugua . True to Mbugua’s word, Baba Watoto seems to be able t enable people outside Kenya to do anything. Try it.

Flops – now this is a really nice domain that has not been utilised properly. The site feels outdated and, as a new visitors, I cannot tell what the site is about. It looks like someone had a good idea way back in 2002 (that’s the date on the site’s footer) and then just lost focus. Sigh. The site has potential, a re-design and some re-focusing would do wonders!

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