Interesting Kenyan Site #4

Like Chapaa PresentsKibera News Network. You know CNN? This is the CNN of Kibera, KNN. Sounds nice eh? Basically it is a YouTube channel for videos from Nairobi’s Kibera slums, made by residents of Kibera. It gives Kibera exposure much unlike the typical ‘doom and gloom’ CNN reports.

Majibu. I severely dislike those “Ask Auntie Tabby” type of columns in the newspapers where some wise guy (or girl) answers readers questions. However, more than once Yahoo Answers has provided me with very accurate answers to very specific questions. Therefore, Majibu – which looks like a local version of yahoo Answers – excites me in that it is now, theoretically at least, possible to get ‘local’ answers to any questions you may have. Give it a try!

E Pesa. Perharps this is an unfair review but I just would NOT do any business with this site. The idea is good but, well, the site doesn’t inspire enough confidence in me to take them seriously. It is important to do this when handling money. The fact that the site says “Copyright © E-pesa 2008” doesn’t help one bit! Please be careful when dealing with these guys or just do not do it!

What could they do? Spruce the site up and make it more appealing. Also, keep it updated.

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