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DukaPress AvatarWell, it is finally here! We just released DukaPress and it is available for download. If you’re interested, you better hurry and get it because we’ve already had 857 pageviews on the DukaPress site (in about 6 hours). Of course if you don’t hurry you’ll still be able to download it.

Download it here: DukaPress

What is DukaPress?
I think this question is best answered with an example. Please have a look at this online shop. That is a fully functional online shop ready to start selling. It can process payments made by credit card, bank transfer, cash AND all three of Kenya’s mobile payment gateways (MPESA, ZAP, and yuCash). And you know what? We set the shop up in 15 minutes at the cost of 0 (zero) shillings.

Do you want your own online shop through which you can sell online and accept MPESA and credit cards at the steep price of zero bob? Then you want DukaPress.

DukaPress is made in Kenya, with love.

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