3 Hot Tips For Online Forex Traders

If you’re just starting trading Forex, there are a few tips that can save you time, work and money.

The first tip is extremely simple:

1. Trade just a single currency pair – Most professionals trade just one or 2 currency pairs at most. However, most beginners tend to try to trade all the currency pairs. If you’re just starting trading Forex, it’s a good idea to trade for example the EUR/USD. Don’t trade anything else unless you already have lots of experience with this currency pair and feel you can start trading 2 currency pairs.

2. Trade the larger time-frames – Other common mistake in Forex is that traders try to make a quick buck. This way they tend to trade intraday charts in order to capture fast profits. This is a mistake. No matter what strategy or system you’re using, there’s a good probability that it will work much better on larger time frames. If you decide to start trading using, for example, a 4 hours chart, you’re way ahead of traders that try to trade on a 5 minute chart. The truth is that in the intraday charts there’s much noise, and since you can’t trade 24 hours a day, you end up losing some of the best movements. If you’re trading larger time frames, you’ll trade with less stress and you’ll be able to capture bigger trends. With these 2 advantages, it will be easier to start making money in Forex.

3. You need to use good risk management rules – Don’t start using too much leverage, because if you do so, a single mistake can make you lose your entire account. If you start by risking no more than 2% or 5% of your account on a single trade, you’re protecting your account in case something goes wrong. This is one of the best tips you can follow in Forex. Most traders lose money because they use too much margin. They end up losing all their account before they even learn how to trade Forex successfully.

If you follow these simple 3 tips, you’ll be on the right track to trade Forex successfully. These rules are simple but highly successful.

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  1. If your just starting,stared trading do not and i repeat do not trade when the market is very volatile trade in when its not why you may ask?to control your profit and loss if you do not know how to put market orders,you do not want to loss your hard earned money play it safe.
    All the best regards gatu


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