When ‘Best Practices’ Don’t Work

This is the story of how Dropbox, a cloud storage company, went from having 100,000 users to 4million users in fewer than two years. Amazing, eh? Watch the slideshow:

I find the presentation to be quite inspiring. Incase you didn’t/can’t watch it, it tells the story of a young company struggling to bring their product to market. At first, they experiment with traditional ‘best practice’ marketing methods. They realise that these methods fail horribly and decide to switch tact – this proves to be a smart move as their customer acquisition rate increased rapidly.

It just goes to show that when you are staring your own business, you have to be “hands on” and you have to think inside, outside and around the box. The important thing is to be bold enough to actually try something – when it doesn’t work, change it and try something else. As long as your are not basing your decisions on ignorance then your smart management will probably improve your business position.

Hubspot has a nice article on 5 lessons learnt from the dropbox slideshow.

What did you learn?

I loved the statement: search engines are a way to harvest demand, not create it.

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