People Are Doing It!

I’m a happy guy today! 😀

See, I just got an unexpected income. It is not much, but it is income all the same. Online income. The real story, is how I got this income. The only way I could have got this income is if one of you clicked on one of the links found here and then went on to successfully do a job on and get paid.

What does this mean? Well, it means that other Like Chapaa readers just like you are making money online! Making money online is just as easy/hard as it is anywhere else – you just need a sound plan and hard work. I know you have a plan of some sorts, but have you done anything with it? Why not?

No one ever succeeded by doing nothing. Do something, anything!

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  1. christine says:

    how do you register am having problems doing it.
    How much do they charge? for Membership?
    Do you need to have an international bank account?
    how long did it take to get your payment?
    how did you do it?
    please please am very interested.

    • Hi there! 🙂

      It is 100% free to register on – just visit the site and find the “register” link, follow the steps and you’re in!

      Nope you don’t need an international bank account.

      I have not withdrawn the money I earned. However, they pay through:
      -send money to your account
      -issue you with a debit card you can use anywhere
      -I believe they can write you a cheque and mail it

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