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Jua MoreWell, we’ve gone out and launched a new site: www.juamore.com

Why did we launch a book review site? Well, the short story is that we launched it to prove a point. See, a while back I wanted to start a magazine so I went out seeking support for the idea. One unfortunately ill-advised lady tore down my idea by claiming, “Kenyans do not read”. Hogwash! I’m a Kenyan and I read!

The long story: I feel that the book “industry” is not well covered in the Kenyan online ‘space’.

There’s no one site that is known primarily for its focus on books. I know that some sites do exist, but none of them are yet ‘big enough’ for us not to be able to compete with. So, yes, we launched Jua More to compete for attention in the Kenyan online ‘space’ for books and book related things. We’re coming from humble beginnings, as an outright underdog and we relish the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test our mettle against bigger fish.

The idea isn’t quite fully thought out yet – we prefer to just do things once an idea gets us excited enough. However, we’re stating with book reviews because:

  1. We love books
  2. I love reading books and I can read and review them in truckloads.
  3. We would like to grow into the ‘place’ where you can find reviews on all your favorite books, especially Kenyan books.

Of course there are other plans, this is just the beginning. Once we get our wits about us, we’ll do more with the site. We’re looking to partner with book sellers, authors and book publishers. Are you interested in partnering with us? The writers among you may be pleased to know that we’ll be hiring writers in a while.

Later on, we may start a fully fledged online bookshop. 🙂

Please read more about Jua More, the place for Kenyan book reviews.

What do you think of this? Why not get involved?

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