Generating Business With Social Media Marketing

I bet you’ve noticed how “social media” has become such a huge and ubiquitous buzzword.

Every business owner who heard of the Makmende story probably started to think: how can I use social media to improve my business? The great thing about social media is that it is usually free to use. Unfortunately, it takes time and commitment. More often than not, people go into social media without any idea of how to do…anything.

Hubspot have just released a nice little mini book on how small businesses can use social media.

The book answers these questions:

  1. How does social media drive business revenue?
  2. How do small business owners resource the time needed for social media?
  3. How can blogs drive small business leads?
  4. How does the B2B application of social media for small businesses work?
  5. How can social media support offline marketing activities?
  6. How do small businesses get started using social media and keep generating content?
  7. How is the cost of customer acquisition lower when using social media compared to outbound methods like direct mail and print advertisements?

Click here to Download the book (PDF)

The book is an interview done on four small businesses to understand how they were using social media to have a direct impact on business growth. The eBook includes detailed information to explain how small business owners can get started in social media as well as strategies that have been proven in the “real world.” This eBook isn’t about a company preaching the wonders of social media; instead, it tells the story of how four different businesses found their own successful social media strategies.

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