Kalahari.co.ke have the following as part of their site’s terms of use:

No person, business or web site may link to any page on this site without the prior written permission of kalahari.

What does that mean? Jameni!

Undoubtedly, Kalahari (I apparently do not have permission to link to them) is a welcome entrant into the Kenyan e-commerce scene but why the overly strict terms? Does Google and other search engines have written permission to include Kalahari in their search results?

The web is built on the idea that sites should link between each other. Can you imagine if every website clearly prohibited anyone from linking to them? The internet would become much less useful, in my humble opinion. Moreover, the number of other websites linking to your own site is a strong determinant of how well you have done your SEO.

I suppose the people behind Kalahari know what they’re doing…

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  1. Kihatto says:

    Link building is the most important criteria when it comes to search engine optimisation.My question is how will they grow their business online since link building is important for traffic,visibility and creation of brand equity.I guess they know what they are upto Ama ?

  2. why the high change of price from 5k to 15 k. we had a chat and i am all together thinking of not visiting not because of the rise in price but for matters of trust. what makes you think i will not be afraid of future sudden change of prices. you have overridden your philosophy. i need you to change my mind please. rem its business

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