The Big Secret To Success

Undoubtedly, lots of people have grown their businesses in huge ways over the last year or so. If you think about it, these people have one thing in common.

It’s not brains. Plenty of smart people struggle everyday in business. It’s not connections – some people start with nothing and end up with empires. And it’s certainly not luck. I don’t believe in luck.

But it’s not just hard work, either.

What sets these people apart from the rest is not only their hard work but their willingness to take bold steps even in the face of uncertainty. Maybe the thing that’s holding you back – no matter who you are – is that you think things need to be “more perfect” before you get it going. Maybe you have conversations in your head like this:

  • “I need to have big money before I make a product.”
  • “I need to have my website beautiful before I launch it.”
  • “I need to have all the pieces of this software in place – with no bugs – before I sell it.”
  • “I need to learn more before I get started.”

You know what? All these statements sound reasonable on the surface, but they’re really limiting beliefs. they presuppose that you will fail if everything isn’t perfect. Nothing is ever perfect, and imperfect businesses succeed wildly every day.

Success isn’t about having the best plans – it’s about execution.

  • It’s about getting out there and actually doing something, getting a result of whatever kind and then deciding on what to do next.
  • It’s about delivering products and services – in all their imperfect glory – to whoever is ready for them, and then letting the rest of the world watch you grow.
  • It’s about letting go of the fear of looking stupid in front of people and taking your chances – and knowing that whether you fall on your face or cross the finish line, all the people you worried about failing in front of are wishing they had your guts.
  • It’s about saying “This is what I have to offer right now – and if you don’t want it, that’s fine.” People who aren’t ready for you (or who you aren’t ready to serve) will still be there after you get done serving all the people who need you now.

An “okay” plan executed today beats a perfect plan that you’ll get around to a year from now.

Take action. As soon as possible.

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  1. Most of us need to read this post daily since the reason why we dont accomplish our dreams or goals in life is because we want to be perfect,operate in perfect environments while the truth is life i about just doing it.Yes this comment might have grammatical errors,it might not make sense to someone but i wrote it,i bet ill learn something out of the comment you are just about to write.Le me just say that likechapaa always inspires me,to get out and start,try whatever i want to do.Just Do It,thats my mantra.

    • Thanks for the beautifully written poem…I mean comment 😛

      Thanks for staying with us since the day you found us. Let me know if I can be of help to you in any way!

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