Unique Selling Point (USP)

Someone pointed out this article (Build An Online Shop You Can Be Proud Of) from last year. I read through it and decided it is worth it to not only link to it, but talk again about one topic that it touched on.

If you talk to any marketer, she shall tell you that it is very important to establish a USP for your business. A unique selling point is something that differentiates you from your competition. Why should I buy watches from you and not from the shop down the street? Is it because you are cheaper; is it because your watches are better; or is it because you have painted your shop all pink? Whatever the reason, that’s your USP. But of course everyone already knows that they need a USP.

Having a USP can also be pretty good for marketing your website online. Suppose you have an online business. It is very important to make it very clear why customers should choose you over other online businesses (i.e you need a USP). Since your USP is something that attracts customers, it is reasonable to assume that there are people out there looking for exactly what you offer. Once you make your USP crystal clear, you can create additional web pages or blog posts to demonstrate this USP further. This will work to not only make your USP more ‘visible’ but the additional blog posts/web pages should rank well in the search engines (because people are looking for what you offer, for your USP). This simple strategy thus ensures that: a) you make your USP stronger and b) you attract more visitors to your site.

What do you think?

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