Advertising On Like Chapaa

As some of you may noticed, we recently introduced an advertising feature on Like Chapaa. Yes, that’s right – you can now advertise your business on Like Chapaa. We felt that it was important to test – and report – how well the adverts do. Do the advertisers get value or their money?

So we approached the SpaceYangu people and offered them reduced rates to help test our advertising platform. They agreed and, after a week or so, we can now tell you the results of that experiment.

The Results
SpaceYangu adverts have been running on Like Chapaa for a week or so. The adverts are 125×125 pixel square images on the Like Chapaa sidebar. In the time that the ads have been running, they have been viewed close to 10,000 times. The adverts have been clicked on approximately 800 times. Has this translated into new business for SpaceYangu? According to SpaceYangu, they have reason to believe that some of the leads and clients within the past week were as a result of their advert on Like Chapaa.

Would you be interested on getting similar results for your business? Advertise with us.

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